Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Slappy At It Again (Updated)

Not satisfied with cheating on his wife (we assume--hey, it could've been his buxom cousin, needing an escort to a strip club and then to A-Rod's hotel bed), A-Rod kept the deception up on the field tonight. With two outs in the ninth and the Yanks up by two, Posada hits a high pop up to the left side. As the third baseman settles under it, A-Rod, running from first to third, supposedly yells "I got it" as he goes past the guy. So the guy lets the ball drop. He immediately starts yelling at A-Rod, now standing on third. Call it Slap III: the Yell. Slap II was the Pedroia slide thing. A-Rod, once again, proves himself a true Yankee.

Anyway, a run scored on the play, and the inning was extended. A single added two more runs, and that was the game.

If it comes out that A-Rod didn't say anything, I'll take it back. (Although that wouldn't make me despise him any less.) But I don't know why else a fielder would immediately start yelling at the guy on third unless he did something... Maybe A-Rod slept with the guy's wife, who knows...

Well, we finally lost. Now we go into the Yankee series without the pressure of a winning streak, or with them being "due" for a win. That's what I keep tellin' myself, anyway.

The Rays won, so the Yanks are still tied for last. And Youk's hit streak is now at 22. So he's got that goin' for him.

[Update: If it does come out that A-Rod did nothing "wrong," come on, what did you expect me to do? The guy's a big phony. It's not like I accused Michael Leggett of fraud or anything...]

[Morning After Update, 9:11 AM: Here's the "real" media report on A-Rod's bush league play. And here's the part where A-Rod's wife leaves the house with suitcases. Looks like I won't be taking anything back...]

Never been to FLA:

Hate driving in Ireland & Britain;

A-Rod needs a huge Slap in The Arse, but, I figure that he might like it too much;

Thanks for The Plug
Jere's Mom:
I'd say we're talking the end of Arrid's children's books career.
To change the subject: Poor TC has to deal with that dunderhead Jack Welch once a week. Last night ole Jack was saying he'd like to be 4 games ahead instead of 14 1/2 because it would be more exciting. TC said "I'll take my excitement in October. Right now, I'd like to be 30 games ahead." Then ole Jack said something disparaging. TC gave up trying to get him to respond logically to Roger Clemens being #4 in the Dunbar pitching rotation but old Jack couldn't understand the question.
Please NESN, get rid of Jack Welch and give TC a break!
Good call on the kids' books!

Saw the whole Welch incident. It was ridiculous.
I still cannot believe the AROD play...what's needed is a Jason Varitek to slap him in the face AFTER he behaves like an idiot! It's in his blood, I guess.
And Jere, an earlier comment asked you to "keep up the great work." I heartily agree! All I can do is follow in your footsteps. Hi Mary-Ann! Peter

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