Sunday, May 27, 2007

Punitive Damages, Here

Sox win, and Youk has an 18-game hitting streak. We're now 11 games up on Toronto, 11.5 up on Baltimore, who are percentage points ahead of the Yanks.

About the Yanks: Remember how last year everyone said how Derek Jeter should be MVP because when every other Yankee got injured, he was there, keeping the team afloat? Of course, I claimed bullshit at the time, but I think I'm proven right by the fact that this year Jeter is doing as good as he did last year, staying healthy again while others drop like flies, yet the team is 11.5 games out. He did not single-handedly win the division for the Yanks last year. If you said that at the time, you might as well say he's just not coming through this year.

From the beach today, I was able to pick up 880, and got to hear Sterling call the last of the ninth in the Yanks' loss to the Angels. Hilarious. It seems that at some point recently, he went from "everything will be okay" to "I give up." He just had that real nonchalant, disapproving voice: "Yanks haven't played well fact they've played quite poorly." Then when it ended, he told us that the Angels beat the Yanks "as usual," in a disgust he just couldn't disguise.

Damon is hurting as usual. Between him always being injured, and his overall shitty play, I'd say we made the right call not going overboard on a contract for the guy. But Yankee fans can continue to live in a dream world where he didn't win a World Series with the Sox, after they didn't come back from a 3-0 ALCS deficit to the Yanks, and then came to the Yanks to play for a "winner," and won the World Series for them. I'm not stopping them. In fact, they only like to dream about winning, because they can't handle actual winning, since they like to lose, what with that Calvinist attitude they all have from living in a cold climate. (I really hope anybody who wrote this shit about the Sox between 1919 and 2003 realizes how silly this all sounds--you know, I actually saw a story in the Times about a Yankee fan who wrote a book about Red Sox-hating. I immediately spotted the word "Calvinist" in the article, and that was it. Dis-missed. Go back and start again, asshole. We Sox fans like to win, not lose. The deal is, we can handle losing, while you'll all just throw on a Mets hat when the Yanks go into the toilet.)

Pedro talks shit about Roger. Nice.

Josh Hancock's father is suing everybody: The bar that sold his son drinks, the tow truck driver who Hancock smashed into, the driver of the car who needed the tow, the condom manufacturer whose product failed, causing the conception of that driver, the great grandchildren of Henry Ford...

How about this, Mr. 'Cock: Everyone who drove on that stretch of road that night doesn't sue you, even though your son risked each and every one of their lives. And you don't sue anybody either. Deal?

The MVP argument about Jeter is such garbage. You hear that angle a lot about different players when MVP voting time comes, and, like the majority of discussion at that time it seems to focus on whatever that particular commenter thinks most valuable player means. The ones who think that it means "the player who most affected their own team" is probably the worst, since it is completely subjective, and, as you just pointed out, nearly always wrong. The people pushing for a Jeter MVP last year were completely moronic, but that argument is not unique to them. Even though Ortiz deserved the 2005 award, the people who said he held up to team were proven wrong when he did essentially the same thing in 2006 and Boston finished 3rd. It would almost be better if they just accepted that the criteria for their votes were arbitrary, and always varied from person to person.

And speaking of Yankee classiness, did you see that thing with Torre today? He complained about some call, blaming the ump for their loss. Then, right away, he was like "we don't complain about umpires." What arrogance! I don't even think he was wrong about the call, but who would say that they exemplify "class," say something "unclassy," and then immediately claim that they didn't just say what they said. As if "not compaining about umpires" is just something that they are, regardless of whether or not they actually do it. He even took offense that the ump "argued with abreu," as if a yanker disputing a call is such an unprecedented event that he should be immediately taken at his word. It was such a tidy encapsulation of their entitled attitude.
Rocket has nothing in his tank:

The "Injectable Vitamins" may not be around;

I noticed that he's not agile;

Malo Roger Est!
At least twice that game, Sterling reminded listeners that the Yanks don't hit when they're pitching and don't pitch when they're hitting. He sounded really tired.

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