Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Pitch Imperfect

Looks like we're skipping over Tavarez this weekend with the Yanks in town. Why are we worried about lining up the rotation against a last place team?

They're not even worrying about that! (As if there was one person in the world who didn't know Clemens would avoid Boston at all costs--call it the Yanks' decision if you like, we all know the truth.)

About the Pop Gun, I kept hearing about him slamming his fist down during his press conference the other day, but I didn't see it. Then I read in this article that it was spurred on by this:

Earlier in the press conference, Clemens was asked by a different reporter about the negative reaction he’s received from fans in New York, where some consider him a mercenary, and in Boston, where many consider him a traitor. Fees later asked how Clemens felt, in light of those occasional negative comments, about the overwhelmingly positive crowd support he received throughout his minor league tour.

So this Fees dude asked about positive crowd support? And it made Roger go nuts? I don't get it. But I did find the video of him going off:

"I know I stink, I don't need you to tell me that." Is it any wonder he doesn't want to show his face at Fenway?

Vid courtesy TheUnrulyFan.

Roid Rage? Overmedicated? Or just wondering "Tell me again, WHY did I resign with the Yankees again?"

Keep up the great work.
I'm pretty sure I've said it before, but I really started disliking him several years before he gave Boston the finger and bolted for Toronto. The '90 ALCS ejection was the catalyst, but another reason was that it was pretty clear every time he opened his mouth that the guy was a complete moron. Pretty clear from this video that he hasn't gotten any smarter over the years...
Roger, what was that? Wah wah, wah wah wah? FOOL.

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