Monday, May 07, 2007


A-Rod's last 11 games: 11-41 (.268), 2 XBH (0 HR)

Coco's last 11 games: 15-40 (.375), 4 XBH

So give Coco a break, eh? Now, about JD Drew. He kind of did what I wanted him to do--get off to a good start. It's such a big deal, even if you're not the new guy. (See the booing of Coco.) But I was kind of hoping he wouldn't fall off dramatically after the good start. Drew's last 10 games: 4-34 (.118). Terrible job. But by getting off to the good start, he avoided the boos. At least he's built up some support, and therefore isn't spiraling out of control. And while I've seen the good he can do, I've also seen the reasons why other fanbases have been frustrated by him. Empy pointed out early on that he takes an odd path to balls in the field. I think specifically this happens on balls hit in front of him. He'll either break back or start going sideways before moving in, and then it'll land in front of him. He's got speed on the bases, but where is it in the outfield? Hopefully he breaks out of his slump. We don't want to be stuck without a five-hole hitter again. But Manny's been improving while Drew's been slumping, so sometimes it doesn't matter who's hitting behind who.

Lugo's recent 3-17 slump has his average down to .221. But hey, Alex Gonzalez is only outslugging him by 218 points, no big deal...we weren't looking for offense out of the shortstop position or anything... ("Prove me wrong, Lugo, prove me wrong!" (say in Principal Skinner voice.))

Check out the last question in this mailbag. Allan W.! (That's Joy of Sox to you and me, kids.) However, don't read the question before it, or you may barf. To think, a person from Boston wrote it... That's almost like asking what the big green wall is called.

Lost in the shit-ffle yesterday was the Sox' sweet win vs. the WinTwins. Schill to Oak to Pap. Perfect. We're 5.5 up on the now second-place Yanks.

Update: Sam's annual roster photo thing.

A capitol blog! Rickey approves. Check out Rickey's sometime:
Since you seem to do a lot of work on your blog and since I'm always up for a good "Rickey referring to himself in the third person" joke, I'll let you get away with that plug...

Glad Rickey approves of me, heh.
Jere, how 'bout, dare I say because I want Alex C. to be our everyday 2nd baseman...but....Dustin's hot streak.
Yeah, Dustin will learn that he's not a power hitter, and start getting the singles we know he can get. I think he's learning from this whole thing, realizing that he still has to work for this job. He should be fine. The beauty part is, once he settles in, the power that he actually does have will be a nice surprise when he shows it.
Regarding Lugo, AGone, and Drew, all I have to say is:

Small Sample Size

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