Friday, May 11, 2007

On A Tear-io

It's 1 AM, and I'm nowhere near completing my research on the Red Sox' road uniforms of the 80s. Yes, I'm back on that again...

Sweep! Try to leave the roof open for Wake, will ye? He sees that and says, Fuck HUGH! Fuck Huuuuughhhh...

We're a magnificent seven games up on the second place Yan-- Orioles! Ha! The Yanks with their pitchers of dirt and batters of almost-enough-to-dig-out are percentage points behind the O's, in third, also 7 down.

I love how going into that first Yankee series, among all the other jumping-the-gun opinions the media had about our lineup, they just kind of passed off Youk, like, Let's see, at first they have Youkilis, nothin' there.... Uh, terrible job. He's up to .319.

Balty, Detroit, and Atlanta come in before it's back to the Terlet for three. Soon after that, it'll be June 1st, and we'll all get to see Clemens not pitch against the Sox, due to an injury to be named later.

Jere, ever since you moved North, the! And I loved your cat pics. I just had to, at the end of March, put my little kitty of 19 years to sleep. I cried, and I'm still so sad....19 years is so long for me to be able to look behind me and know that the little guy is following in my footsteps. And I miss hm so so much. it hurts.
Oh, that commenter? I'm ashamed to say he's from Hartford. You might want to delete these last couple of sentences so he won't see it, but we both hate censorship of any kind.
23-10, and rolling! Have a great weekend...Pete
7-2 this month, which is basically when I started living up here. Good call.

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