Wednesday, May 16, 2007

No Go

Rained out. Tonight's game will be played tomorrow at 12:35 PM. If anyone has a ticket they can't use for this game, can you, like, give it to me? Thanks.

Unrelated update: The Yanks' schedule now has little plane logos you can click on to "book travel." Weird. I wonder why they have one for every game, considering they all link to the same page. You still have to type in where you're going, etc. Continental's a huge sponsor for them. I'm sure that's why. I'm guessin' this little perk doesn't get George a championship this season....

[Update, 1:00 AM: Yanks win game two, so we're 8 up on them again. Could be anywhere from 6.5 to 9.5 tomorrow at this time. I vote for 9.5. Pretty cool site here.]

Jere, it must be nice to live in the Fenway neighborhood...and we were hit hard by that line of storms that went through here between 4-5pm Wed. I hear Reb's town was hit really hard. Hope she's OK. You know me...Reb on my mind.
Take care, and let's win 2.....the first would be sweet because it's Julian pitching...a nice Globe piece about him today.
See ya!! Peter
Yeah it's nice to say "Hey, I think I'll go to Fenway tomorrow." However, even though I could've gotten a GS or RF box seat online last night, I opted against spending the 50 bucks and sitting outside on a 50-degree day.

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