Saturday, May 26, 2007


1:25 AM eastern. Game over. 10-6 win. My girlfriend lucks out big time. She goes to bed with a 4-0 lead, saying, I feel comfortable about this win. When she gets up tomorrow, she'll see the 10-6 score and grab herself a pressure-free win. Meanwhile, I watched it go to 5-4 Texas, and had to sweat it out.

Dice seemed sweaty tonight, too. Very sick. Yet he kept pitching. Enough for the win. And the 'pen did a great job tonight.

Yanks also play a 10-6 game, but lose. We're 10.5 up again.

Did you know there are 15 ways to say "waste a pitch" in Japanese, and Dice doesn't know any of them?

I love this headline. That article also mentions what Big Stein said about his guys today.

Dice to his W: "I nearly lost you there..."
No I think it was "I neah-lee" schwah nah nah nahhh "Iii neah-lee lost you-ou theya." schwah nah nah nahhh "Onna tryy nah schee schnaah"
Hater...I hated everything about the Citizen Dick "Seattle Sound" except the Whigs and the Trees...just me i guess...
Citizen Dick, ha. A lot of good shit came out of there. (I used the term "shit" to make it sound cooler.)
Jere, that headline was a triple positive. I remember way back when ('bout 2 months ago) when the Yankee fans were pointing at our bullpen and laughing, as if the 'pen was our "Kryptonite" weakness. Where that shoe now? On the other foot? Not mine. I just checked.... have a great holiday weekend up there in the best city. Peter
Citizen Dick: "We're huge in Belgium!"

Love the movie, love the soundtrack!
Thanks, Peter.

Kara--another reason you and my girlfriend will get along great.
That headline is extra-cool to me, as I always used the expression "the hapless Mets". :-)
My name is Dick and you can touch me.

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