Friday, May 04, 2007

I Hear Ya Now

You know my rule on Wakefield: Never take him out. (Except after eight for Papelbon.) They had to make me suffer through that eighth, though. But Donnely did a nice job, and then the insurance run was key. And it was almost like the ball Coco caught made Pap realize he better get his ass back in Pap Gear. We're 6.5 up on every other team in the division.

Current batting averages of the 2006 Red Sox middle infielders:

Loretta: .356
AGonzalez: .319
Cora: .345

At least we kept one! Still early, though, and don't get me wrong, I like the team how it is. I'm just saying, maybe next year, just think about keeping some guys, letting them get comfortable with where they are. Especially the awesome ones.

Yankees score 11 runs, get 16 hits, but lose by four. Every Mariner reached base at least twice. "No Dice"-Kei Igawa gave up eight runs in four innings. Colter Bean came in and pitched zero innings, giving up four more runs. Yanks had a five-run lead, too. Monday they plan to start a guy named Matt DeSalvo--assuming Big Stein hasn't packed up all the equipment and called it a season by then. They're 12-15 now and in last place despite winning their previous three games. Everybody's smilin'. Sunshine day. Everybody's laughin'. Sunshine day. Everybody seems so happy today. Cuz it's an emmer effin' sunshine day.

"I'm just saying, maybe next year, just think about keeping some guys, letting them get comfortable with where they are. Especially the awesome ones."

I totally agree. It would also be nice for the fans if some of the guys they've grown to like over the season didn't disappear the next year. It makes it harder to feel attachment to the team with a revolving door at every position.

At the beginning of this season, it seems like I heard a lot of talk about how Lowell probably won't be resigned next year. If that's true, then that stinks, since he's definitely one of the "awesome ones."
Good call, MH. I did a longer post about this and we all had a nice little discussion about it. I'd have to find it for you....

Okay, so, here's a comment from my mom, who's having trouble with today's craaazy technology:

Jerry Remy is finally starting to diss the Dunbars. Last night, during the 8th inning of their game, he said, "I guess next they'll fire the grounds crew." I await the moment when he publically eats crow for picking the Dunbars to win the division and Arid to win the MVP.

I like the Arid nickname, mom! Although the i is next to the o. I wonder if she meant that one or not.
Loretta is 35, and his OPS so far this year is about 170 points above his career average in a very small sample size. He's also playing in Houston's bandbox of a park.

AGon is 200 points above his career OPS. I like him and I'm happy for him, but there's no way he's gonna keep up anywhere near that pace, and I wouldn't have given him the 2 year $7mm deal he got from the Reds.

I wouldn't have re-signed Timlin, who is completely done, and I would have given Hansack the #5 starter job to begin the year and left Tavarez in the pen, but aside from those relatively minor moves, I'm happy with the roster the way it is.

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