Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I Blame That Tiger Town Kid

When you have a porch, a good system is to sit out there for some of the game, and watch the rest inside. That way you get some Castig action, and some Rem/DO action, and you get all the fun of the classic "sitting outside on a summer night."

Too bad about tonight. I guess Zoolander was too much for us. About Glenn Geffner, though--people don't seem to like his announcing, and I'd defended him up until now. But there are certain calls he makes in which it's almost like he thinks we can see the play. We can't. Tonight there was a home run to the bullpen. Geffner's telling us "Drew can't get it..." At this point, he's being so casual as to imply he already knows what the result will be (plus, enough time has passed so that the ball has to have either hit or gone over the wall), yet he isn't telling us what happened. Then, almost as an afterthought, he says, "And it's gone, a home run." As if we already knew and he's just making it official. But we didn't know. We were still holding out hope for just a double at that point.

Still, he reminds me of the announcer from The Natural, and that always reminds me how much I want to see that film again. Plus, it's still May. He should improve as the season goes on.

Yanks rained out tonight, so they play at 2 and 8 tomorrow, and we've got an 8-game lead. I always feel like a doubleheader makes it a better possibility they lose one, because it's harder to win two games in one day than two in two. So I think we have that goin' for us.

My pictures from Saturday night in Pawtucket are all ready to go. I'll post them around Twilight Zone time tonight. (SciFi Channel shows back-to-back zones every weeknight at 1 AM.) Speaking of that, I just found out something awesome. The star of one of my favorite episodes, The Midnight Sun, is played by Lois Nettleton, who would later play the mother of Costanza's girlfriend, the time he got caught eating the eclair out of the garbage...

[Update: On the Devil Rays' game-winning hit tonight (at DisneyWorld?!), check out the dude flipping the double-bird behind the plate, right as the pitch is thrown. He's right above the pitcher's head. I saw it on ESPN, but you can see it at the Rays' site. It's right at the very beginning of the clip.]

Geffner is quite pedestrian. I've linked your comments on my site, www.38cliches.com


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