Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Holy Crap

Google Maps continues their world domination with "Street Views." They have it for NYC and a few other cities right now. No Boston yet. But check it out, my old building!

You can even zoom in on my old bedroom windows. See that air conditioner? That's where I took the pics of the birds mating or whatever.

Here's where I took the pics of Matt Damon. You can click and drag, just like on the map, to get a 360-degree view of the street. Or click the little arrows to "walk" around a neighborhood.

Here's La Mia pizzeria, where I'd get my sicilian slice and five garlic knots on my lunch break at work.

Here's the Cold Stone where I saw Jorge Posada and Tino Martinez on two different occasions.

Here's the Red Sox bar The Riviera, where AJM and I (before we met--a meeting which actually still hasn't happened) watched game six of the 2004 ALCS.

Here's The Enchilada, where Chan and I would get burritos every Thursday night at 7:15. This is addicting....

If I recall correctly, I think I was in that Cold Stone the same night that you saw Posada in there, so I guess we sorta 'met-but-didn't-meet' in there too.

Didn't realize that you lived up in the 90's...just a block or too above the Halloween party that I went to as Magnum last fall.
Right, I did hint at it a lot, though. I think I once said I lived further north from the AJM-zone. And I remember you mentioning that party. Wasn't it near the citbank? Which woulda been--1st and...uh, 92nd?

Oh, and the street shots on Google Maps, I'd say, were taken late summer '06. I can tell by certain scaffoldings, paint jobs, and buildings Yankee pitchers flew planes into.
Yep, pretty sure it was on 92nd off of 1st ave...good memory. Never went to La Mia, but I'm sure I walked by it about 100 times in 2.5 years of dating my now-wife on the UES. We did, however, eat at the diner on the corner of 1st and 79th Street all the time...the place where Tino Martinez was also spotted.
Yeah, I'd always look in the windows there to see if I could see Tino, since you told me that, too.... I worked a couple blocks down 1st Ave from there.

Really good eggplant parm at La Mia. Go in and tell the glass-eyed guy you know me...

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