Friday, May 25, 2007

Gedman Family Update

Rich's kid, Michael Gedman, isn't having a very good year as a freshman at Syracuse, NY's LeMoyne College. (The stats they keep for that school are incredible--with play by play of each game and extensive records. For example, the young Gedman is tied for third in sacrifice bunts allowed as a pitcher. (He mainly plays first base, though.)) He's only hitting .118. But come on, he's only a freshman. Give it time, and he'll be the next, uh, Gedman.

His number is 34. I was hoping he'd wear 10. LeMoyne plays in the MAAC conference (for baseball only), and has since 1990. I never knew this, despite my dad being a Fairfield alum. Through him I follow MAAC basketball a little bit, but I never knew about the Gedmanification of the baseball sector. So it looks like LeMoyne is in the second round, and will face Manhattan.

The young Michael will play for the Sanford Mainers this summer, after LeMoyne's season is over. Look for him in your town. He'll be in my old one, to face the Danbury Westerners on June 11th.

In elder Gedman news, Rich's Can-Am team, the Worcester Tornadoes, lost the first game of its season north of the border. Sounds like they really got the shaft. Among other things,

Gedman wanted his team to arrive here on Wednesday, but the Capitales refused to pay for the extra night’s stay –– the league makes Quebec pay for opponents’ accommodations on game days –– even though they own the visitors’ hotel.

Freakin' Capitales, man.


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