Saturday, May 12, 2007

Friday Night, Low And Wet

When we lose, we lose the most frustrating games. This was actually our plan to get the Yanks back in third, as they lose to the M's out west. I toldja we shoulda got Markakis.

I don't know that we've lost a "we were just shut down game" since that kid for the Mariners made us look silly; about every loss since then has been winnable. Thirteen left on last night; it was a real grinder to watch, especially listening to Thorne and Martinez on MASN; I would've given anything for the NESN feed. By Sunday night, I'm gonna turn into Leggett as far as the MASN announcers go...I'm already really pissed at them; I guess the next step is to embrace a full-on obsession with them.
Some night you're just snake-bit. Move on.
but when we win, we win big. roll sox roll!
Just wait until we get Hughes and Clemens back. If both teams stay healthy, the Yankee rotation is simply better, and this doesn't even mention the comparisons on offense, where we are clearly better than the Red Sox.

Seriously, enjoy crowing now. You'll lose the division again like you have the past 11 seasons.
You speak like your opinion is fact. A true Yankee fan.

Oh no, we might lose the division! Again, the fact that things like that are what they have to brag about, when WE, THE RED SOX, have WON THE WORLD SERIES MORE RECENTLY THAN THE YANKEES (yes, Yankee fans, that happened--not a bad dream!), makes this a wonderful, wonderful world.
I didn't say you won the World Series. I'm just worried about step one for the Yanks right now. Winning the division. You guys are going to lose. Your offense just isn't strong enough.

You state your opinion like it's a fact pretty much all the time.

Hypocrisy: thy name is Red Sox fan.
Preach on brother Jere, preach on...
Are you implying that I'm a little crazy, Matt?
"You state your opinion like it's a fact pretty much all the time"

No, I don't.
Mike, I'm implying that you're a lot a very endearing way, yes...charmingly insane, we'll call it...

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