Sunday, May 27, 2007

Fine Wine

As Ryan pointed out, Joe Torre and the Yanks are resorting to blaming the umps for their failures. This dude sums it up, although I don't agree with everything he says in the rest of his article. (I also didn't realize that guy helps run Red Sox Nation Dot Net, my favorite Red Sox message board. Note: I don't like message boards. I don't even go to that one any more. But I used to, and it's way less country-clubbish than SoSH.)

Whenever an ump makes a bad call that goes against the Yanks, I say "one one-millionth of justice is done." This is a team that's won World Series' because the umps were either sound asleep or in George's pockets. And in their recent stretch where they've had some bad calls go against them, there have been plenty of others that have gone their way. They should keep their faux-classy mouths shut and just play ball. They lead the Angels 2-1 in the sixth, as we are about to get started in Texas.

"the Texas Con Man"

Hee hee...

I don't do message boards much anymore either.
I dunno. That guy likes to say things like, "You heard it here first: [thing everyone can see with one's own eyes].... Is it just me or [patently obvious occurrence obscured to no one]?" Those are sports reporter cliches, and I hate them.

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