Sunday, May 06, 2007


Roger Clemens just announced he's going back to the Yanks. No, I mean literally, he announced it over the PA at Yankee Stadium to the crowd. I love it! The traitor pig goes right where he belongs! And now we get to kick his ass!

All Sox fans who wanted him: Do you get it now? Will you finally get over your inexplicable love for this horrible, horrible man? After this season, will you still want him to have some kind of fake, never-was-gonna-happen "glorious" return to "bookend" his career "where he belongs"?

Roger Clemens announced to all Red Sox fans that he hates us the second he went to the Yanks the first time. Were you all too fucking blind to see him literally (not figuratively, literally) kissing and rubbing the face of Babe Ruth before every game he pitched for the Yanks? Please, everyone, get on board the "hate Clemens" express. It's so fun! You get to root against that fat traitor swine. I couldn't see how it would make sense any other way.

My post started with this....he is dead to me.
From one long time Clemens hater to another...well said, sir!
Yes its true Rogah is a scumbag and I can't wait to see this blow up in the Yanks faces when he can't dominate like he did in the NL and he can't get past the 6th inning (also like he did in the NL) and we kick his ass. 4.5 million per month so he can pitch on his schedule and go home when he's not pitching. No thanks.
My mother, who was a nun for sixteen years, upon hearing that Clemens was going back to the Yanks:

"What a greedy, arrogant bastard. I hope they line his first pitch back and break his leg. They can do that, you know - just last week they got that one Yankee."
William has been dead to me for 10 years.

Now all the NY writers and fan who cursed him from the rooftops when he unretired for the first time can clap and yell "woo-hoo" and "F you Boston" when he returns.
I was sickened to hear this - I wish he woulda just stayed where he was ... Now just something else to root AGAINST I guess !

BTW, Jere - I got you some pictures of Sat & Sunday's Twinkies / Red Sox games - I hope to load them tonight or in the morning - I think I took about 300 pictures or so -
Well put, Jere.

Do we know if the Yanks are also going to pay for his steroids on top of the $28mm, or is he just going to borrow Giambi's stash?

I was flat out sickened by all the Clemens-pining from far too many Sox fans last year. He's one of the biggest phonies and assholes in baseball history, and that's saying something. I hope Lucchino and The Dentist finally wake up and realize that the Texas Con Man was playing them for suckers last year when they made the full marketing pitch to him. And please, can we finally start re-issuing #21? That jersey has ZERO meaning in Sox history...let's give it to some talented young player.

He's also going to get pounded this year pitching in the AL more easy NL AAAA lineups to feast on for Fat Rog; no more pitchers to strike out every few innings.

And lastly, for all his regular season dominance, he's still a complete choker in October. He won an ALCS Game 7 21 years ago, but ever since then he couldn't win an elimination game if his life depended on it.

I don't know if you read Chad Finn's excellent blog, but he really had a great piece on Duh Rocket today:
Nice responses, anti-Rocket crew. AJM, I almost mentioned you in the post, actually, as I remember you were the one to say that maybe the Sox love affair with the guy might finally end if he screws us over YET again, which he now has.

Nice job by the ex-nun!

Novy, can't wait to see the pics. Thanks!
Give #21 to Lester, that's what they should do. Screw "I have to carry my own bags" Clemens.
You're probably aware of this, but your friends over at Deadspin linked to this post (along with JoS).

So, I noticed that Houston fans are also unleashing a fair amount of vitriol on the web towards Duh Rock-et. If I were the Astros, I would release whichever of his dopey K-Kids is stinking up the joint in their minor league system now that Clemens has walked on them.
Great call, Brian.

jfAJM: I got so many more hits from the UniWatch blog a few days ago than from Deadspin today. I'm happily surprised by that. And good call re: the Booster-seat Rocket.
whew ... pictures are finally loaded for your viewing pleasure !!
Nice. Am now attempting to get some up here... Thanks.

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