Monday, May 07, 2007

Do You Wanna Be Sick?

Fitting, really. One person who started out in Boston before taking the money to go to New York fawning all over another. And saying "welcome home" at that. Home, of course, is where the heart-shaped piggy bank is.

Most dramatic thing she's ever seen? Waldman really is a great fit with Sterling. A perfect mix of phoniness and pomposity. Could there be a better representation of the Yankees organization?

Apparently Francessa was absolutely trashing the Yanks for this move, and both he and Russo were ripping Waldman for her embarrassing fawning.
I'm glad--but really, I couldn't imagine anyone NOT ripping that traitor after something like that. And funny how the players claimed they knew before the game, but Suzyn didn't? Come on. Still ridiculous even if she was genuinely surprised.

And calling her a traitor is totally justified, since, unlike players, she grew up a Sox fan and took a job with the Yanks. It's still so funny to me that someone with a Boston accent is the Yanks' announcer.
An Incredible "Suck-Up" athon, no?
"Could there be a better representation of the Yankees organization?"

Heh...Michael Kay..
I thought of him while I was writing that--how he'd be jealous...

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