Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Cooking Tips

Run really hot water on and into a glass for a while. Get it nice and hot. Then immediately fill the glass with really cold water, and drink it. It'll feel like you're in the Caribbean. Try it. Tell your friends I invented this. Also, you booze people will probably want to try this with booze or whatever.

Tavarez tries to give us a double-digit lead again tonight at the soon-to-be-demolished big barfyard in the Bronx.

soon-to-be-demolished big barfyard in the Bronx

I have a secret theory that the Bambino is hella pissed (oh, I just used a California term) that they are taking down his house and that is one reason why the Yanks suck so much. Once the Yanks move into their new digs they will be cursed for years to come. Bwa ha ha ha!

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