Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Here's the slo-mo version of a short snippet of Dice-K's first pitch at Fenway, shot by me. (Forgot to cut the audio, myyyy mistake. Makes for a cool horror movie effect, though.)

It was flashbulb mania. Just watch the stands. You have to remember, this clip in real time is less than a second long. There were that many flashes in that time alone. I've made some of the cooler frames into stills below. I give you The Constellations of Dice-K:

The two-headed dragon.

The lazy fox.

The Journey 8-track.

The twist-tie.

Note: These constellations were named under the premise that constellations never look anything like what their name implies.

Also note: This is technically post # 2004 for me. But Blogger counts unpublished "drafts" in that number. Every once in a while I'll start writing something and just not finish and forget about it. I went back and counted 57 of these. So, 57 posts from now will be the "real" 2,004th post of RSF/PT. I'll have to do something special if I remember. Anyway, while going back through the old posts, I noticed this comment from Wednesday, September 01, 2004 at 8:29:00 AM, from, of course, "Anonymous," from the day after I boasted about the Yanks' 22-0 loss:

"Enjoy your moment, there's still a month left to play, and as a Sox fan, you know what happens to your poor team at the end of every year, choking and Red Sox go hand in hand..."

Reason number one trillion why I'll never stop appreciating that season.

Love your constellations! Very clever. I hope your move was a smooth one.

I was just lamenting with a friend last week about the demise of Bailey's (do you remember? or are you too young?) I used to have ice cream there as a kid all the time. Will you do me a favor? When it gets hot enough will you have some ice cream for me? Preferably at Herrell's or Emack and Bolios. The ice cream in San Francisco just ain't the same.


I was at the Dice-Man's Bronx debut last Friday night, sitting up in the Babe Ruth Suite, and witnessed a similar phenomenon. That was my first time sitting in that box since '03 ALCS Game 7. This was a much better result, obviously...I didn't spend the next 24 hours doubled over in the fetal position this time.
I've never heard of Bailey's. But funny you should mention the other two. I once mentioned E & B on this blog, though not by name, as I used to pass the New York version every day on my way to work. The owner was a Sox fan, I talked to him once. He kept a Red Sox sign visible at all times:

And I go to Herrell's whenever I'm in Northampton--the one in Thirne's Marketplace, which I recently had in the top banner of my blog (double-meaning with Gary Thorne.) So, it's funny, I've eaten at both the places you mentioned, but neither one in Boston.

But I'll have some here for you:)

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