Thursday, May 17, 2007

But If I Got My Nina Point Fiva Then You Know I'm Straight-Trippin'

So the 9.5 really happened, after a Yankee loss and an us win. What a catch by Natasha Hinske. After the way he'd been playing right field earlier in the game, I didn't think he had a chance at Brunanskiing that ball. And then he gives us the win with a two-out homer in the seventh. Guy was psyched, too.

TJ by Orsillo--Don, what have we been saying? We're trying to keep Pap out of a game two days in a row. Of course he's not gonna pitch twice in one day! I knew it'd be the Mighty Oak for the save.

I also knew Hansack would be pitching tomorrow. They'd said earlier he couldn't be called up unless Beckett went to the DL. Then, early in tonight's game, they told us Hansack was taken out of his start at Pawtucket tonight. I figured that meant Josh was DL-bound, and now he is. (Thanks, Suzyn Waldman, you asshole!)

9.5 games is our biggest division lead since 1995, when we topped out at around a 16-game lead. In 1912, we finished the season 55 games ahead of the Yanks (then Highlanders). That must've been a fun September.

That Tiger pitcher Chad Durbin has to be nicknamed "Kentucky." For two reasons I can think of.

Jere's star of the series:

What a nice 2 victory day/night! And Sheff called the Darkman the best lefthander he's ever faced. Wow!
I had no idea that a young Gary Sheffield actually played Tubbs on Miami Vice back in the 80's!
And THAT is FUNNY!!!
IMDB says he was in Wrestlemania 23. I guess he'll always have that to fall back on.
He is Tubbsish. I got that pic from a shot of Dwight Gooden coming out of a courtroom in the 80s. At his side, his nephew, a young Shef.

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