Friday, May 25, 2007


Hazel Mae just said that Roger Clemens, in 1996, was the first "true pitcher" to get a base hit for the Red Sox since 1972 or something. I've always remembered looking at the stats one year and seeing that pitcher Tim Lollar once "led" the Sox in hitting with one hit in one at bat. So, fear not, I looked it up. It was 1986. Lollar got a hit. Maybe Hazel meant a pitcher who was pitching at the time in the game. Lollar was only a pitcher, but he was a pinch hitter when he got his hit. If that's not what they meant, terrible job. Either way, Lollar needed to get some credit there.

While doing this research, I learned Tim Lollar's real first name is William. Funny, as that's also Roger Clemens' real first name.

Just found out that Dice left because he was nauseous...if you're awake, leave a comment on my blog...
He was indeed having stomach issues. I'm over at Joy of Sox tonight.
Debbie Clemens always calls Roger, "My Billy"

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