Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Bad News For The Proverbial Athletics

We needed to make up for last night, and we did. Anti-terrible job, guys. Five game lead in the AILC.

The coward who relentlessly heckled Coco from the bleachers a few weeks ago can shove his words up his drunken ass. Way to judge a guy's season after two weeks, dude. But he wasn't alone. It seems like the entire media looked at 15 games' worth of stats, and acted like they were the final results for the year. Terrible job, irrelevant media.

I'm at Fenway tomorrow night for Dice, and I'll have some special stuff for you afterwards, I hope.

Am I the only one calling Mike Lowell "Low-Ell Pineiro"?

Jere, have fun tonight. It must be SO nice not to have that NYC to Boston drive! I'm happy for you. If anyone should live in Boston, it's you. And Hideki Okajima, the Darkman? It was so nice to see him receive that so well deserved AL rookie of the month award. He's been so so good. Fenway fun for you tonight! And a win for Daisuke, a Daisuke with no control problems, we hope.
To answer your question: yes.

So, I decided that I'm ready to commit and buy an Okajima player t-shirt. Doubt they'll make them before August, though.
I'll check for OkaJerseys at the Fenway souvenir shops tonight. I say they have them soon.
Thanks for checking, Jere. I took a look at the Yawkey Way store site, and they have a whole bunch of new player tees, including shirts that say "JD", "Dice-K", or "Tek" on the back, but no Okajima shirts yet.
I was just on the YWS site too...nothing yet on Okajima...I hope one variation of his soon to come tee shirts will have "the Darkman" logo of some type included. He IS our 'hero of the dark."
Crazily, after not seeing any Okajima shirts, some guy, after the game, walks past me holding up a bag literally shouting "I finally got my Okajima T-shirt!" It was weird. I should've asked him where he got it.
I look for a okajima T-shirt, too. I do not understand it why a T-shirt is not sold yet. I want to ask an office of redsox to sell okajima T-shirt ,but I do not know the way! From One women in Japan
Try emailing customerservice @, and ask them if they know when they're getting any. I gotta figure it will be soon.
Thank you Jere! I will try to send email them.And I also hope Matsuzaka back to realy his pitching. 14th in May's pitching was not his realy pitching.I want to look realy pitching at MLB!From one women in Japan
Hi,Jere! I asked customer service of Yawkey Way Store.They said 'The Okajima kids tee shirts came in recently so hopefully the adult sized ones will follow shortly. ' Sound nice! From one woman in Japan

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