Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Baby

3:13 AM, and I'm finally done with this thing.

I saw the original movie on Uniwatch today, and I got this idea, and took lots of hours to see it to its completion. Hope you like it!

That's a riot, Jere! I think my favorite line is when the Babe tells 'Posada' to go fetch him some whiskey. I have to say, early on, the Babe sorta sounds like your Cosby, which only makes it funnier.
Ha! Glad you liked it.
Jere, that was hilarious! I love how your Babe is a lot like a tame version of my dad. If I finish 2nd in your quiz contest, this is the movie I want.
Thanks... Ha, Uncle Babes.
Ya know how Dad sometimes does that laugh where he basically loses control of most bodily functions and cannot speak--often not breathe, even? That's how he was during and after the Babe movie. Priceless.
Derek Jeter is one Beautiful Woman in that Game:

Funny but I know a Gal, who has the Jeter Face;

She lives here in Queens.

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