Tuesday, May 15, 2007

"Are Those My Socks?"

It's official: "Fashion" Red Sox fans think the old White Sox logo that just says "SOX" with a line above and below it is a Red Sox logo.

In the eighties, when the ChiSox were wearing this logo on their shirts and hats, we all had an aunt who bought us a White Sox hat, assuming "SOX" meant Red Sox. And by "we all," I mean "Pat." But I'm sure this happened to a lot of Red Sox fans.

Lately, I've been noticing people wearing a tilted, stylish, oddly-colored hat with a B on it, along with that ridiculous White Sox jersey with "SOX" on it, often in crazy colors as well. Maybe they know. I think they don't.

Terrible job.

I agree 100% !!! TJ !! TJ !!

I saw this on a younger guy at the Dome - he was wearing the standard B hat - and had wrist bands that said SOX - and it was horrible !!

Sorry - it bothered me !!! LOL!
Those nascar uniforms made all Sox look bad.
Back when I was a teenager, sometime around '79-'80, I recall going to a game at Fenway with my dad, and seeing a guy in his late 20's sitting a few rows behind us wearing a White Sox hat. This was back when the Chisox were still wearing those pullover pajama-style uniforms with the big floppy faux-collars, but their caps were dark navy with the block "SOX" insignia just like in the picture you posted. Anyway, I don't remember who the opponent was that day, other than the fact that it definitely WASN'T the Chisox, so I thought it was odd that this guy was wearing that cap. But then I looked at him again and thought about it some more, and I realized that he almost certainly was a doofus hipster who didn't know much about baseball but thought that he was wearing some type of 'cool' alternative Red Sox cap.

So see, those types of dudes were around even 28 years ago. I can't believe I still remember that.
Wow. I bet there were a few of those back in the day. And now with all these retro jerseys, we get to find out who's clueless all over again.
This also applies to players. I saw Abe Alvarez wearing a "SOX" cap once.
Commenting on my own post over two years later to say that I figured out what this title refers to! George Costanza. When he and Jerry fought over the socks. Nice one, 2007 Jere.

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