Monday, April 02, 2007

Yankee Fans Are Clueless

I just watched as the Yanks took a two-run lead in the bottom of the eighth. A-Rod came up. It was guaranteed. This is when he shines, when it doesn't matter. Of course, he gets the home run. And what do te fans do? Curtain call. It's amazing. Can't wait to watch that team NOT win the World Series yet again in 2007. Will be sweet. Year seven of their well-deserved drought.

Please. As if curtain calls mean anything anymore.
Looks like we need Papelbon back in the take Schilling's spot. Certainly nothing to save today.
Exactly! Another "stats padding" home run when the Yankees already had the lead. I couldn't believe that they gave him a curtain call.
Hardy: They do! At Fenway Park, and everywhere else besides Yankee Stadium! That's my whole point! Yankee fans have rendered something reserved for SPECIAL events meaningless. This is why I don't get Yankee fans. They are ridiculous. The absolute LEAST knowledgeable fans in baseball. Overall.
Well, as a Yankee fan, I also agree that the "curtain call" has been trivialized at Yankee Stadium, and ir has become so common, that I expect it every time a ball is hit out of the park, but I don't think that makes us the least knowledgeable fans. Maybe in the sense of what a truly special event is in baseball, but not overall knowledge.
Hey, you gotta factor in all the people who nothing about baseball who latch onto the Yanks. You've got more of those than any other team, because yours is the most popular team. So all those people water down the fanbase severely. My Yankee fan friends know a lot about baseball, and the front-runners are the ones who give them a bad name.
Nice reply Hardy, just because some fans want to congratulate A-Rod and other Yankees with curtain calls does not make them the least knowledgable fans. Jere you always lump everyone in the same boat, but if I called every Red Sox fan fat because I've seen one fat Red Sox fan that would not be right, and I would get blasted for it, and I should. But if you are going to say every Yankee fan doesn't know anything about baseball that is ridiculous
By any chance, did you read what I JUST WROTE?
One post you said "They are ridiculous. The absolute LEAST knowledgeable fans in baseball. Overall." Then you said "My Yankee fan friends know a lot about baseball, and the front-runners are the ones who give them a bad name." So which is it? Are they the least knowledgable? All of them? or are the front-runners the ones who give them a bad name?
"Overall," meaning their fanbase, when you take all people who call themselves "Yankee fans" into consideration. So, on a scale of 1 to 100, there are some 100s in there, but there are an awful lot of 1s and 2s in there pulling the average down. Because they have the most casual fans, i.e. frontrunners who just pick the winningest team but don't know anything about the sport, it makes their fanbase the least knowledgeable.
Like, if I said, the UCLA Bruins are overall the worst college lacrosse team, that wouldn't mean every single player on the team is tied for the worst, it would mean the team as a whole is. They could have the best player on the worst team.
I get it, I agree with you.
Yankees Fans:

"Thuh Mos-nolijible & literit Fanz in thuh werld";

Can they spell "Suck" without a dictionary;

Or do they need "Hooked On Phonics" to accomplish that feat;

It's an important question which needs to be answered.
It seems like every "Gang-Banger" hood, is dressed in some strangely-concocted NY Yankees Cap:

They would get lost on the 4 Train.
Leggett: Yes, most Yankee fans I know can spell Suck and every variation of it as well. As far as the "gang banger hood" and the Yankee hat as you so eloquently put it, me and my friend saw a lady get stuck up by a person wearing...wait for it...a Red Sox hat!!! We weren't in Boston either. I don't know what the statistics of shady people and the baseball caps they wear but I would imagine it would be evenly dispersed throughout all the baseball teams, seeing as there are fuck-tards wearing all manner of mlb related outfits.

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