Friday, April 06, 2007

What's The Deal, Kenneth?

Yanks lose, despite Miguel Tejada's usual choke artist routine. On a grounder to him, I thought, Heeere we go. But I only worried about him making one error on the play. He would make two. It led to a Yankee run, but thanks in part to some A-Rod A-Roddery, the Yanks couldn't capitalize on enough scoring chances. Jeter was hobbling around like Johnny Damon, after hiting a ball off his foot, finally leaving the game. We'll keep our eye on that.

Looks like Pavano's been the Yanks' most efficient starter so far.

I think Ken Singleton is a pathological liar. I know, I said yesterday that his incorrect tale of yesteryear was just a common mistake, no harm no foul. But after watching the whole game tonight, I've realized he has a problem. I don't know why I never noticed this before. Maybe because tonight it was a two-man booth, so he had more time to spout inaccuracies. (Joe Girardi had the night off--I've noticed his job is to make excuses for everything a Yankee does wrong.)

Here are some Singleton Jon Lovitz imitations from tonight:

Singleton: Brian Roberts injured his...right arm, yeah, that's the ticket, the right one. That's why he stopped hitting well from the right side, because you need that bottom hand for power. Yeah. [later...] Actually, Roberts injured his left arm...

Kay: I was talking to some people from Japan and they say it gets cold over there, but never in Tokyo. Singleton: I've been over there a few times, and, actually, it does get cold in Tokyo. Trust me. I've been there, like, three times. These people that are actually from there don't know shit.

Singleton: Brian Cashman was down at the triple-A game tonight watching Phil Hughes. [cut to live shot of Cashman standing in Yankee Stadium] Kay: He woulda had to motor to make it here that fast...

Then you had this exchange, which blew my mind:

Kay: New Yorkers will recognize this name--Chad Bradford comes in for Baltimore. He pitched with the Mets last season. Sigleton: Yankee fans will also know him, as he pitched for [Jere says, Whew, were they actually gonna ignore his time in Boston] the Oakland A's. [Okay....anybody else? Singleton goes on to talk about Bradford some more, then reiterates:] But, yes, the Yankees do indeed know him, from his time with the Oakland Athletics.

Every Yankee fan at home must remember that Bradford was on the Red Sox. I honestly can't believe they wouldn't have mentioned that. They talked about it so nonchalantly, like they were telling the whole story, and there was nothing else to tell. (The Royals announcers, speaking of this, didn't seem to know we had David Riske once.)

Funny how Millar is still loudly booed at the Stadium. Almost as loud as the ones for A-Rod....

I still can't believe they have Bob Shepherd instruct the crowd to say a silent prayer. Can I be ejected from the Dunbar Shack for refusing to pray?

So us and the Yanks lost to 0-3 teams tonight. Tomorrow the Yanks pitch Igawa, and the next day, Rasner. I hope they both STB, but if one does well, I've got dibs on "[That one] and Pavano and pray for a mono (outbreak)."

I assume that Millar was so loudly booed for guest posting on Schilling's blog. nice. Or not! Wakes pitched well yesterday, and the 'pen continued it's ERA amazingness. Do you have in your closet nine pairs of hitting shoes? Maybe ask Chan to chip in, for if we start to score runs, with this pitching? The thought brings a sudden smile. Take care and happy holiday weekend Jere...Peter

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