Monday, April 02, 2007

What A Start! What Is This, A Live Blog?

I kid you not, people: I just saw this on the Gameday--A-Rod dropped a foul pop in the first inning, in game one, at home. Of course, I don't know what the play looked like, but still. I can't even imagine the reaction he'll get when he comes up to the plate--which is right now. Too bad I can't watch on at work because it's blacked out.

But I'm already pissed at the D-Rays. Crawford gets on, steals second. Does the next guy bunt him over? No. So then Baldelli hits one nearly out of the park, and Crawford gets to third, but he should've been home if they'd sacrificed. Then A-Rod dropd the foul pop, but they still don't take advantage. We're one-half inning into the season, and not even the Red Sox season, and I'm ready to throw chairs and stuff. I never know how I last 162 games with this sport.

Here comes A-Rod, two on (nice freakn' job, Kazmir), one out. 2-2 now... 3-2. Come on, quit being afraid, Kazmir, ya bum... strike three! Swinging! Again, I can't even imagine. I should go outside and see if I can hear the boos from Manhattan.

Update: There was a double-steal on the K. So Steroids was up with second and third, two outs. Kazmir goes 3-1 on him, and I'm thinking, Good, just walk him and pitch to Matsui, lefty-righty matchup be damned. First base is open. But he fucking throws him a strike, and Steroids hits knocks in both runners. Stupid Devil Rays. Turn into a bunch of scared Little Leaguers when you play us, assholes!

And then he walks Matsui anyway! And only then does the pitching coach come out. At least he finally got out of it. 2-0 Dunbar after one.

Update: Now Jeter makes a throwing error! All the parents who turned to their kid after the A-Rod play and said "Jeta would neva do dat" are now blushing. (Granted, I'm still assuming the A-Rod thing was an incredibly easy play that he botched. I'm watching on Gameday, in case you missed it.) Hey, they got a run. 2-1 Yanks after one and a half.

I'm just gonna add to this, at least while I'm on lunch, without putting the word "update" every time. Kazmir, when you see a guy named Phelps come up, in the Yankee lineup, do anything but walk him. Terrible job. Looks like we're gonna have to rely on the Yanks' pitching being shitty this year. Which it will be. Oh Jay-zus. He gets Damon, then hits Jeter with 0-2 pitch. (Why do I get the feeling he leaned out over the plate? That's how Jetes gets things going. Deception and chicanery. Uh, Kazmir, o-2, you should be trying to make him chase with a pitch way outside, not hitting the dude.) Abreu grounds out, out of inning.

Kazmir settling down. 21- Dunnies after 3. Total hits by A-Rod & Jeter: 0. Total errors by A-Rod & Jeter: 2.

Hey! A D-Rays rally, and it's 4-3, our side. Did I read this right? Did the Rays try to bunt Crawford to third, like they should've done before, and they got the guy at first, but Crawford didn't advance to third? How the hell did they pull that off? Now Brian Bruney's in for the Yanks. Note to Rays: Get a bigger lead. You'll need it. And now they get another run on Delmon Young's single, but he gets caught stealing to end the top of the fifth.

The tough-as-nails Johnny Damon appears to have left the game. (I'm not about to go to a Yanks message board to find out why.) And the Rays go down in the sixth. 5-3, mid-sixth.

Jere, I just left a comment, or rather two, at J of S...and I was wondering if you were keeping tabs on the Rays-Yanks game. Comcast added YES-HD this year. That makes it all the clearer to watch tht hated team lose. I never should have wondered f you were watching. Damon is out early!!! And I'm counting on you as much as I'm counting on our team. For neverending scathing but brilliant comments. And after 5, into the 6th, Rays are up 5-3.
And then, shortly after 4pm, well, you know! Schill makes a mess of Meche. Meche, mess...what's the difference!
Take care, you're the best....Peter
Man, if you dedicated your Yankee hating to actually rooting for your team to finish better than 3rd this year things would be looking great for your banana colored blog. You need a update for RSN's favorite player Damon and his cramping calves.
I was hoping Slappy's E was on the first batter of the game, but it looks like it was the 4th guy.
Your good karma and Yankee hating got Jeter 2 rbi's and the lead in the 8th, congrats!
"You need a update"

You need an N.
You told me I root against the Yanks MORE than I root for the Red Sox, when our season hadn't started yet!

Regardless, I am NOT ASHAMED of the fact that I really, really hate the Yankees, and root against them hard. I don't understand what's abnormal about that. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go watch the Red Sox and root for them really hard without being on the computer the whole time.

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