Thursday, April 19, 2007

Wednesday Night At The Dome

Hinske signs autographs in Toronto, earlier tonight. All pics taken by Allan, the man behind the fine Sox blog Joy of Sox. (Thanks!) Click each to enlarge.

These folks seem to be waving at Doug Mirabelli as he trots away. I like Allan's take on their food choice: family with pizza, possibly for throwing at relievers.

People scrambling for an errant Mirabelli long toss. I love the perspective on this one.

View from the right field foul pole.

Pap fan with hat signed by Cervasio, who wrote "NESN" under her name.

"Ace," the Jays' mascot. (Why "Ace"? I'd have called him "Jayson.")

Criso, Lugo, Manny, Papi on ground.

I'll let Allan give you the caption on this one: kid scoring game sitting across the aisle from me. mom eyeing me, wondering why i'm taking pix of her son. tina cervasio hat guy also in this shot.

Papelbon on the hill.

Red Sox win!

For Allan's pics from game one of this series, click here.

About this game: I got to hear it all on radio, until the bottom of the ninth, when I got to see Pap get the save. This was my first time listening to Glen Geffner for a long period of time. He definitely reminds me of the announcer from The Natural. Kind of a train-of-thought style. Low-key--just what Castig was looking for in a partner, I think. He jinxed Mirabelli, though, and I know that everyone listening, including Joe, knew it was coming. He went into this speech about how Doug hadn't allowed a passed ball yet this season, and how much better you fell having him back there with Wake on the mound. I'm goin,' "Come on, kid, at leat do this when he's at bat so there's no chance of an immediate passed ball..." Sure enough, next pitch: "And it's off Mirabelli's glove and rolling to the backstop!" The wise-man Castiglione chimes in with "It never fails, does it?"

Wake is on fire. I love our staff. Tavarez actually gets a shot tomorrow afternoon. More pics from Allan then, too.

Jere, you are right on so many counts. Allan, great pics with such great full-size resolution. And Jere, Wakes WAS economical and sharp as a tack. I enjoyed. Day baseball....possible pitching mismatch? We'll's time to score 8 runs. A tall order against Halladay, be continued, in about 8 hours.
All of the recent RSFPT photos & postings lately have been excellent. I am truly envious. Nice, nice work.
Thanks. That means a lot coming from one of my favorite bloggers. (Way to use one of the new possible sets of initials!)

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