Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Two French Toast And A Beer: Sox At Jays, 4/17/07

Above: Dice's first pitch in Canada! These were all taken tonight at Rogers Centre by Allan aka redsock aka Joy of Sox. He and Laura aka L-girl aka We Move To Canada are attending this entire Sox-Jays series. (Thanks for these!) (click 4 bigger)

The view from their seats during BP.

Papi signing autographs down in a secret tunnel.

The scoreboard Wily Mo almost broke tonight.

Pena and Manny doing sprints, while Pedroia...practices his golf swing?

Papi at the plate against "Bartolo Cologne."

Watch for more pics from up north over the next few days....

Correspondent update: I still need would-be photographers for the following places: Atlanta, Tampa, Detroit, LA, and Arizona. For details, click here. Thanks.

Great pictures Jere! I am psyched that you are doing this. It's fun to look at fan shots from away parks. Usually you have to dig through flickr to find them. (But not anymore.) Very cool!
Bartolo Cologne. Good one. (Chacin's ERA against us was 4.30 or so before last night. Not a world beater. Is he Toronto's new Lilly against us?)

Our camera is very basic. Will try for a better resolution tonight.

(Re Wily Mo: If I recall, in BP before one game last year, Super Genius hit a ball 1/3 of the way up the scoreboard. Unreal.)
I love all the pictures ... I would love to visit many of the parks out there - and this is a good way to base my decisons ! LOL!

I am gearing up for my turn of picture taking at the Metrodome !!!

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