Thursday, April 05, 2007

Turn Your Head And Kauffman (Hi Wayne....Hi-ii.)

Photo here. (I can't seem to get it to appear here...maybe because it's only showing up as being 1 x 1 pixels...I don't get it.)

From photographer Wayne Klick, (that's like an ice cream man named Cone!) who is in KC right now, I give you Dice at the K. I will add more photos later. He told me he has a zoom, so maybe we'll get some close-ups. But I'm just happy he agreed to do some shooting for me. Thanks, Wayne! (Sox up 1-0 in the third.)

Update 5:15 PM: We win, 4-1. A perfect day. Dice: 7 innings, a run, 10 Ks. Pap with the save. When Wayne gives me the photos from today, I'll get 'em up here. I guess that one above is unobtainable from flickr. I don't know much abou flickr, except that its set-up is awkward to me, and it's not letting me get that pic. Oh well.

It's sinking in now how awesome it's going to be when Dice walks out to and in from the bullpen next Wednesday. And if it's rained out, I'll be there Thursday. If that's rained out, I'll be there Friday. Etc, etc. This was the plan...

Coco to wear 42 for a day...

I got the KC shot though it was really dark.
What a wonderful day. I stopped doing everything so I could watch the game. Then this Chatty Cathy type guy arrives to replace the rotted wood on our deck and I wanted to say, Leave it, I like rotted wood; instead I was simply rude--turned up the volume and kept staring at the TV while he talked about the importance of caulk.
My favorite non-statistical moment was Manny doing this little bow toward Dice-K when he came out. The bow had a little Dominican lilt to it.
Nice. About the KC pic: It's the classic "really dark on a PC but fine on a Mac" syndrome.

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