Saturday, April 14, 2007


It only took 95 years, but the Fenway Park seating chart now shows you the section number of all the sections in the park. The grandstand and bleacher sections were always labeled--and since that's where I almost always sit, there was never really a problem for me. But it's nice to know that if I get loge seats, I won't have to estimate where they are.

The new chart's also got that thing where you can click on each section for the "in a perfect world" view from it. i.e. "view may not be as beautiful as pictured."

The Red Sox have finally caught up with society and are selling flat-brimmed hats in their shops. I think it's funny that all those kids in T-ball who didn't want to be there and had no idea how to wear a hat are now in their glory: "Haha, curvy-people, it only took 30 years, but the flat brim is in!" Sorry, clueless kids of the 80s, you didn't exactly call "bank" on that one. Besides, this trend is on the way out anyway. All it takes is one Ashton Kutcher or one of those Dunst/Durst clebrities or whatever the 2007 equivolent of them are to wear a curved bill again, and the board will go back. Remember kids, if you just be yourself, you'll be all right. If you change yourself constantly keep up with the fake trends, you'll always be one step behind. Also, you'll get hit by a car.

Pics from yesterday's Fenway game, and today's, to come at some point.

Okay, maybe they've been selling them for a while. I mean, people have been getting them from somewhere. I just mean they're finally advertising it: "We've got flat-brimmed hats! The new F-B line!"

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