Saturday, April 21, 2007

A-Rod And Mo Comin' Through

Perfect. This is what I really love about last night. That Yankee fans had the 6-2 lead late, and probably remembered the one they overcame the previous day but thought, Well, that can't happen to us, we've got Mo. And Mo then pulled his usual choke job against us. But then they thought, with A-Rod up as the potential go-ahead run, We've got it now--this is the new and improved A-Rod. And then he chokes it, too. Just too perfect. Like I've said before, the post-2004 era has shown that most Yankee fans weren't arrogant because of the 86 years thing, they were just arrogant anyway.

I love how they've just kind of forgotten that pitching wins, no matter what kind of lineup you've got. Also, a lot of people seem to think that the Sox lineup just isn't that great. Sure, it doesn't look like the best thing in the world compared to the Yanks', but I don't worry about it at all. Do Yankee fans think that Papi, Manny, and Drew alone can't handle Karstens and Ratso and Rizzo, or whoever they're throwing out there? They seem to. I don't get it. And with our pitching, we are looking great.

I think Torre is doing what he can with his pitchers, but throwing every reliever every day is gonna burn you eventually. And they better hope Wang is what he was last year.

I'm so happy for Coco, too. Should be a nice hand for him today. And gutsy job by Okajima. And Cora was definitely the better of the two guys who look like Jorge Posada last night. (I also love how his hit was the cheapest possible kind off Mo--that's what it feels like, Yankees!)

I'll be at Fenway today and tomorrow night. Look for pics and stuff later. Yankee fans have to hope for them to bash Beckett today, and then hope their guy somehow hold us in check. But Josh is looking great this year. We'll see how he does against the Yanks.


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