Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Right Here

The few Yankee games shown on network TV lead off with, and I swear I'm not making this up, "My Yankees on My 9." It has to end sometime. Has to. You can bet your mylife.

Baseball's funny like this. You can start a day on cloud 80, and end it in a gutter making rats into your pets. The Yanks, three of their starters on the DL, sent out a double-A pitcher to the mound, while we had Dice-K going up in the land of better comedy and fewer guns. I was thinking 10 straight championships. Or something like that.

But poor Dice had a borderline call go the other way, leading to a fake-grass-aided hit, and a minor blow-up. For him that means two runs--and he recovered nicely. But we only scored one for him. I think it will take umps a while, but they'll discover how easy it is to call a Matsuzaka game: don't give up on a pitch, and realize it's almost always a strike. When they figure out he's got incredible control, they'll start giving him the calls he deserves.

And the Yankee kid looked shaky, but Jake Westbrook was no match for the Yankee bats, unfortunately. Aprod is getting cocky, too. Same old crap from him--really good until the games matter. But I love that he thinks he's somehow cured of his "issues." Makes it even easier to root against him, and will make his inevitable choke that much more fun.

Of course A-Rod will choke. We've seen it in the past, and Yankee fans are expecting it to happen again. Hopefully, as a whole, But I'm sure every good player will have his bad moments in the seasons.

And what's with the personal attacks against Chas Wright? A "rat"? I thought Red Sox fans hated the fact that we bought our wins. And when we finally get a win from someone in the system . . .
You sure had an interesting take on the "living in the gutter" metaphor. It was supposed to mean that I was happy going into last night, and sad afterwards. You know, depressed, hence the title of the post being the first two words of Black Flag's song "Depression." ha.

Or maybe I'm the shephard, and Ringo here is the tyranny of evil men...

So, to clarify, I never called Chase Wright a rat, but, hey, you just gave him a new nickname:)
So what you are saying is because the umpires don't "know" how good Dice-K really is, they didn't call all of his good pitches strikes? I know he is from Japan and therefore has some kind of "magical" appeal to you guys, fake-grass-aided hits must magically become routine groundouts or something, but you can't blame the umps for every thing that did not go the Sox's way. If you want to throw some blame around, how many batters went 0-fer? Lugo, Ortiz and Youklis did, but that wasn't the reason either? Must be that crazy canadian and his funny canadian goggles. As for the A-Rod bashing, I would bite my tongue, it's a long season.
Whoops! Miscommunication.

And don't hold me to the nickname ;)
While the weather is cold, Ap-Rod is hot:

When it finally warms up, it may be vice versa.

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