Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Prelude To A Henge

Manhattanhenge is still two months away, but down in the West Village, where the grid slants, they're already getting some longer-than-soul shadows. Check out this six-boxer. As in, my shadow is touching at least six sidewalk squares.

My friend Chan's school has now won the last two college basketball championships, as well as the last football one. My friend Jim's teams have been in the last college basketball final, college football championship, and Super Bowl, but have lost all three. I really am Even Steven. In fact, I was supposed to be named Steven, but I ended up with Jere.

Today, a guy standing on the sidewalk saw my Red Sox hat and said "Boooo, Red Sox." The catch? He was also wearing a Red Sox hat! His was the kind that's black with a black "B." My theory is that he wears it for fashion purposes, and instinctively booed the Red Sox, not remembering which hat he chose to go with his outfit this morning. Regardless of what might have been going through his head, let's all join e-hands (or whatever) and say it together: "Terrible Job."

Oh crap, I just realized I should have put the camera on the ground and shot a pic of its shadow. Maybe tomorrow.

It really IS GREAT to be a Florida Gator, it is great 2 be a Florida Gator. I think your theory makes a lot of sense. One small hole in the theory though. Any true Redsox hater would never be caught dead in a Redsox cap.Certainly they wouldn't abandon that hatred for something as small as having a hat match their shirt.

My theory is that he knew exactly which hat sat atop his melon, and was simply offering an honest assessment of the Sox opening day game. Unless the brim of the hat was ultra-straight and cocked to the side, in which case all bets are off. I'm just surprised that he focused on your hat and not your 78" inseam...
"Certainly they wouldn't abandon that hatred for something as small as having a hat match their shirt."

Fashion people do weird things.... I was watching Letterman one night, and that guy Patrice O'Neal was on. (He hosts that Web Junk show, aka TV saying, "Look, we're just like watching the internet! Please stay!") And he came out with a big Pirates jersey and matching hat. Dave starts asking him if he's from Pittsburgh, and the guy goes, "Dave, black people aren't really a fan of the team on their clothes..." It was really funny. The audience started laughing before he finished the line, and he then started saying how he just liked the yellow and black.

Now, granted, I would hope people who have any idea about rivalries wouldn't go so far as to wear the rival colors, even if they only care a little bit about that sport. But I am sure some people do it. I'd guess my guy was one. He probably grew up with all his friends around him making fun of the lowly Red Sox, and even though he doesn't know shit about baseball, it's just part of his New Yorker mentality to hate the Red Sox (the same way some Met fans at Shea immediately started mocking my Sox jersey, even though it was a Pedro jersey and I was rooting for THEIR pitcher!). And then one day, Ooh, look at this black hat with a B on it...
So does that guy who booed you fall under unknowledgeable Red Sox fan? That's gotta bring down the average a few points if that guy is a 1
I don't know WHAT you'd call that guy. But everything about him screamed Yankee fan: the accent, the booing of the Red Sox, and not understanding the whole thing enough to wear the other team's hat. AT least that's what I keep tellin' myself:)

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