Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Red Sox Pizza Fenway Park Paris Hilton

That pizza thing was pretty damn funny:

Other items of note: Jeter falling apart. And Manny in the New Yorker (via Joy of Sox).

Hope people figured out the joke of the title of this post...
I don't get it, but I'm usually slow on getting jokes. ( :
Okay, boston.com's Extra Bases put up a post about the pizza incident, also saying that "countless blogs" are talking about it. When you clicked on the link they provided, you were taken to a Google Blogs search for "red sox pizza." So, all any blogger had to do was put up a post called "Red Sox Pizza" to be on the list of blogs that came up on that Google Blogs search.

My joke was about how people will put up popular keywords to get higher on web searches. Hence the "Paris Hilton."

Anyway, I got hundreds more hits than usual yesterday, and they're still pouring in.

Welcome, boston.com readers! (suckers...) ha.
Aha! I get it. Well done. (:

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