Monday, April 02, 2007

Owen I

The good news is: At least Schilling schitt the bed on a day when we weren't winning anyway. Great job by Porno Gil Meche, and by our baserunners for giving him a few extra outs.

AJM said it in the comments, and he certainly has a point, that if Schill acts like the gym coach he acted like today all season, we'd be better off with Pap in the rotation. But it's only one game. He's still Curt Schilling. (Or a guy who ate Curt Schilling. This isn't what we meant by an "El Guapo comeback," Curt.)

I got to see this one on ESPN. Joe Morgan wasn't too offensive except when he nonchalantly called Pena safe at third on a replay which was far from definitive. Miller wasn't bad, either, except when describing a ball Coco caught shy of the track, just to the right of dead center. He said the ball would've been in the bleachers at Fenway. Uh, Jon? A ball that doesn't reach the warning track in front of the 410 mark at one park would not be out of a park whose wall, at the equivolent spot, sits 420 feet from home, and is 18 feet high to boot. The George Brett conversation was pretty entertaining, too.

Is it wrong to be depressed already?
No on wrongness. The pizza I'm about to eat with Chan while we watch his school go for yet another nat. championship will taste a little schittier, I promise you. In all seriousness, how will I and how have I put up with this sport for 162 game stretches? We put all this time in today, and here we sit with absolutely nothing. I think this is, like, the beauty of baseball or something. The sun will rise again, the Red Sox will give us joy again, Peter will say "take care" again. Remember that when you go to bed tonight.
With Schilling getting roughed up and looking like he's a bit out of shape, is Papelbon not being in the rotation a good idea? Even though I dislike Schilling a great deal I know he will get into pitching shape shortly and will be doing his thing, but how hard must it be for Tito to weigh out the impact that Papelbon will have in the games that he pitches.
Your comment "the sun will rise again.." reminded me of the infamous Lou Gorman quote "The sun will rise. The sun will set. And I will have lunch."

Boy, did this one suck.
It's that old argument I have with myself every year- If I care more than most of the players do (and I'm convinced I do) and I get, really, absolutely nothing out of it, then what's the point? Every year at the start of baseball season, I go all Calvin & Hobbes...and yesterday, Schilling stayed a little stuffed animal and never came to life. That C&H was some kind of fucked up cartoon.

Thanks for the compliment on my blog- it feels good to find my voice again. And congrats to the Chaninator for Florida winning another one. Question- does the Florida women's team get a share of the title for lending Noah to the men's squad? Just wonderin'...
Who, me???
And go Rutgers..I don't like the color orange. And now I know NOT to say "take care." So be well, be healthy, be great, be happy, be honest, be careful, be truthful, be yourself, be....well, I hope we win tomorrow.
So, everyone....ta....oops. I was going to say something. Maybe not! GO SOX.
Thanks Jere.
CP: Let's not bring Lou Gorman into this, heh.

Matty: I'll pass your query along to Chan.

Peter: Nobody said you weren't allowed to say it...
And Jere, I hope you KNOW I was kidding. So take car...bye...that's a new one!

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