Tuesday, April 24, 2007


"For a Citizen of the Nation, beating the Mariners or A's is merely winning a baseball game, while beating the Yankees is the very essence of life itself." --David Halberstam, who died today in a car accident at age 73. Very sad. Here's the 2003 article that quote is from.

Steven Wright just now on Letterman, when asked about his new beard (while wearing his Sox cap): "I'm growing it for a movie I'm gonna watch." He's got a DVD coming out, but there's an hour special on Comedy Central Tuesday night at midnight, which is probably the same stuff. Although I'm sure there are extras on the DVD. A commentary on a Steven Wright performance by Steven Wright could make the world explode.

Is A-Rod's April just so great that we're giving him a pass on being up in the ninth with a chance to beat the Red Sox two days in a row and choking both times? You know, as long as they keep losing, he can hit a home run every time up for all I care. In fact, I think it would be awesome if he has the single greatest season ever, but he doesn't even get a chance in October, with the Yanks out of the playoffs. And then takes the Cubs to the World Series in 2008. I'd sign up for all that right now.

I have a nickname for Kei Igawa: "No Dice!" In more ways than one...

Went to Fenway with my girlfriend tonight. Pretty crappy game, but great weather, and we're still in first and looking good. Still, weird not to leave the park to Dirty Water followed by Tessie followed by Joy to the World followed by organ versions of Build Me Up Buttercup and Lookin' Out My Back Door. Good to see Cyn and Kelly at Fenway, too. Oh, and speaking of songs, they've stopped playing that shitty Goo Goo Dolls version of Take Me Out to the Ballgame after the regular version. Praise Gedman.

Finally, click this to enlarge. This sticker was on the car next to mine in a parking garage this weekend...

About the sticker: I'm thinking now that maybe seeing this is common around Boston. I just Googled it and saw one being sold on eBay. Maybe it's not even interesting anymore. Like those "Black Dog Martha's Vineyard" shirts or "This Car Climbed Mt. Washington" bumper stickers. But I'd never seen anything like that on a car before. So it was funny to me.
I should've said "twice in three days," not two days in a row on the A-Rod choke thing.
So, I'm pretty pleased with how Papelbon has looked back in the closer role, but it's still ridiculous that we're effectively forfeiting every fifth game by throwing Tavarez out there. Can we please bring Devern Hansack to Boston stat?!? Why wait another month or two for Lester?

So, Captain Intangibles struck out in the 9th inning of three consecutive Yankee losses. Such a clutch player. Tonight he didn't even make it out of the first inning. They really have no pitching.

By the way, I haven't posted for two weeks because Blogger is forcing everyone to get a Google account to comment...just got around to getting one. I notice comments have been light of late, so maybe some other folks are in that same boat.
Thanks for letting me know. I'm just sitting here waiting for comments like Travis Bickle waiting for the sun to shine. Nobody tells me anything.

I still think 4 solid starters is good enough, especially knowing Lester will be there. I'd give Hansack a shot, too, though. Why not rotate starting him, Snyder, and Tavarez, with the other two ready to back them up, and see who ends up doing the best. Or something.

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