Sunday, April 22, 2007


All pics by Jere. Do not steal. Click for grown-up size.
Julio Lugo (above, hovering) proves he's more of a goofball every time I see him. Yesterday, I noticed something unusual while he was warming up. As we know, Jason Varitek wears number 33. Here we see Jason, proving that:

But I was pretty sure Lugo was ALSO wearing 33. Here he is:

Empy was at the game with me, and we both agreed he was wearing Tek's number. Then Empy thought of something--Does his uni have the "C" for captain?

What a nut. He also bows to the crowd when he's introduced during the starting lineups. More from yesterday later.

Oh, and when the game started, he was back in good ol' 1955, wearin' 23 again.

NICE pictures....I love them and JASON varitek(TEK).
Good job with the hovering Lugo. Come to think of it, "The Hovering Lugo" would make a good name for an old-timey magician...

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