Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The DC Scene

Matty's down in DC right now at the Marlins-Nats game. Here's Anibal Sanchez from a few minutes ago.

Below: Hanley.

Matty's doing his best with just a camera-phone, but it's funny how if you click to enlarge, it turns into a pastel-drawing. Especially interesting looking at the players in the backgruond. I think Matty could easily pretend he's invented some new technoolgy that immediately converts regular pics into crazy brush-stroke drawings.

That's the great thing about aisle seats at a game with 18,000 people- there's plenty of room to set up easel and canvas...then, I took pictures of my masterpieces with my phone. During breaks in the action, I also did caricatures and face painting. Oh, and I wish Jorge Julio still pitched for the O's- man, does that guy suck. A three-run blown save...ouch.

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