Saturday, April 28, 2007

Last Night Of The NY Dynasty

It's my last night living in New York. I'm on my way to Boston tomorrow, while Chan already has his new place a few blocks away from our place here at 94th and 2nd. So, the plan, starting today at 2:00, was to do the following over the next 22 hours:

Get all of Chan's stuff from one apartment to the other--a third floor walk-up--using my dad's van; go to the Nellie McKay show at Carnegie Hall that Chan got tickets to seven months ago; get all my remaining crap boxed and into the van; somehow watch as much of the Red Sox-Yanks game as possible; sleep.

Chan's projected vanload became three vanloads. After one, we got our last pizza as roommates, half onion for me, half mushroom for him, and watched the first three innings. We left with the Sox up 2-0. We hustled to Carnegie Hall and caught Nellie. She was great. I loved how she said she's the type of vegetarian who loves (loved) the taste of meat, it's the cruelty she doesn't like. Just like me! She said she goes to a vegetarian restaurant and says "What tastes like a burger?" I thought I was alone in that boat. She played some tunes from her new album, which she plans on titling, "Buncha Shit." We got back a little after 10, to see Mariano coming into the game. He couldn't hold the three-run, uh, deficit. Always fun to see Mo pulled from a game. So I got to see the fun ninth inning. Then it was back to hauling crap. Two more loads. Then we drank lots of Gatorade. I've got a lot left to box. It's 2:30 AM. I'll sleep til 9, get up, essentially do that thing where you take your arm and sweep everything off a table, and get out of here in time to see the Sox game on TV at 4, in Boston. Sweet. The perfect plan. All wrapped up nicely into one paragraph.

Jere's Moving Tips:

1. A microwave can also be a suitcase.
2. Don't forget to eat all your food before you leave for good. My breakfast tomorrow: Three English muffins and half a quart of ice cream.
3. There's no telling a homeless man you have no change when you're carrying a 50-pound plastic Coke bottle full of coins.
4. Don't listen to Chan. 1 vanload=3 vanloads.

Moving tip #4. In the midst of packing and general hustle-bustle, it's ALWAYS nice to see Mariano Rivera in the midst of being SHELLED. The adrenaline flows, the body responds, the face smiles, and that's nice! I have to say this...thank you Mo!
On a serious note Jere, I hope you have a healthy and happy move, and I hope one day to meet you up at the hub of the universe. Maybe soon. Are you moving somewhere NEAR the Fens?? My nephew goes to Babson, and he lives in an apartment (with one of those Modell boys, and a couple other good guys...big TV, Fenway Park just a simple look out the kind of place) in the heart of the city I love. Your home to be! I could not be happier. Please stay in touch.
Again, be safe, stay well, and hi to Chan. Your blog friend Peter. Always!
the sox gave you a nice sendoff!
You're doing the right thing, Jere!
Good luck with the move, Jere. I hope it's as painless as possible.
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Correction: 1 vanload = 4 vanloads, and my back is killing me.
As a true Mets fan and die-hard Yankee hater, I hate to see you go... please return to the Bronx regularly and be sure to bring at least a half dozen Sox fans on every trip!
Good Luck in Beantown.

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