Thursday, April 05, 2007


I've said this before--any time a former ballplayer tells a wacky anecdote, you can pretty much count on it not being true.

Just now, Yanks' announcer Ken Singleon told a tale involving Earl Weaver, ending with "...and we (Baltimore) went out and lost to Boston on Opening Day."

I checked retrosheeet, knowing for certain--just based on my theory--that this didn't really take place. Sure enough, the O's only played the Sox once on Opening Day while Singleton was on the team--and won (1976). This is by no means a shot at Singleton or the Yankees, I'm just proving my point, and it happened to be a Yankee announcer who was the latest to help me do so.

But it brings up again what I said before about how your memory differs from reality. And that's cool--it's just that when your job is something that's documented so meticulously, you might want to throw an "if I recall correctly" in there. The rest of us don't need to--until scoresheets of the 1982 Ridgebury Elementary School 3rd grade kickball season surface. (By the way, I'm still waiting for the arrival of that DVD with the concerts I went to on it...)

Also note: It snowed today. Crazy. Snow on the day of Dice's first game--I should've saved some!


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