Monday, April 30, 2007

I'm Not Going To Look It Up To See If Hughes Has One L Or Two In His First Name

I'm up here at my new home, a few miles from Fenway. I've always had this theory that Steinbrenner has been doing everything he can to keep me from seeing my team. Now I'm finally in a place where I can just flip on NESN, on regular TV, and watch the game, for the first time in my life. But ol' George still has a few tricks up his sleeve. In each one of the last three games, there have been some kind of technical difficulties with NESN. And they happen to have been Yankee games. Coincidence? No, that was Big Stein, messing with the wires. But I think he's about to give up. You just have to accept it at some point, George. After all, don't I deserve to just watch my favorite team, normally, like any other fan?

I'll have to change the "in" to "from" in my blog's banner soon. That's the official new title: A Red Sox Fan From Pinstripe Territory. Of course, plenty of you never knew the name in the first place. You people can keep calling it "Let's Go Sox," although that's just the crappy url I chose for it three years ago, as letsgoredsox was taken, and I thought putting the entire blog name in the url would be too long. And I'm glad I didn't do that, as the original title, "A Red Sox Fan In Yankee Territory," was quickly changed by me, due to a problem with then-forced-upon-me ads which kept pushing Yankee-related products.

Going back to Thursday, I just want to let everyone know that according to the Yes, aka Hell No, Network, Philip Hughes is the next Roger Clemens. To the point where I'm watching the game, and they put up Clemens' career stats. To show what Hughes, pitching in his first game, will no doubt become. So, just so you're all aware. It's been decided. He's the best. Ever. Of course, his one performance--which gave him an ERA over 8--got him a standing O from the Yankee Stadium crowd. I guess that's considered good when your team is shitting the bed otherwise.

I also use the term "crowd" loosely, as Yankee Stadium has been showing a lot of blue lately. (Wow, that had a nice, unintended double meaning.) It still amazes me that the ones who do show up will just leave in the seventh inning. But it's so refreshing. To think, Yankee fans saying to themselves, "We're down by two. To the Boston Red Sox. With three innings left. With the highest payroll and best lineup in baseball. I'm going home." Maybe they are the "most knowledgeable fans in baseball": They know when their team is gonna lose! God, this is sweet.

We finish the month with a 16-8 record, and A-Rod "carried" them to a 9-14 mark. George has just released a statement. Talk about a wuss-out. Fire some people, George!

Funny moment from yesterday that flew under the radar: Manny gets caught in a rundown. Remy says how in his day (and in mine, too) a rundown was called a "pickle." Orsillo notes, "And pickles don't last very long..."

Funny how I was making fun of "No Dice" Kei Igawa for getting scratched due to shittiness, then his replacement, either Ratso or Rizzo, I forget which, gets drilled right away by a line drive, and Plain Kei comes in and does a fine job. Their one win over us this year. In every other game of the six, they had a lead, and we won.

One of my games that got rained out will be made up Thursday, and it looks like Dice will pitch that day. So I will have seen all three of his home starts. Look for pics from that game here. And some from last Monday's game, I swear! I've been busy moving, but I will get those up, including one of Tavarez eating fast food on the Fenway field.

All the best to you in the great city of Boston, Jere. I just made the change from "In" to "From" in my links section for you.
Thanks, Quinn! I know you'll continue to represent the Sox in the Big Apple.
And I will do the same from Connecticut. I hope your latest stop is a safe and forever happy Boston! Holy...uhhhh....moly! Your friend Peter
The best part about you moving, is that you have to take the word "in" out of the masthead, and that "in" has those "eyes" that drove us all so crazy, lo those many moons ago.

Seems like just last week ago you were steppin' off that Greyhound in NYC, hay 'tween yer teeth and nothin' but a flannel shirt and a ten-gallon stetson to your wait, that was Axl in the "Welcome to the Jungle" video...nevermind. I confuse you guys all the time...
I guess "A Red Sox Fan from Connecticut Who Moved to Pinstripe Territory and Then to Boston" doesn't quite have the same ring.
That is my Citi Field Photo:

& as you'd say to me, Jere;

"Terrible Job"(Or is that Chris Russo);

You're in my 600th Post today;

No more "Backwards K" on TV;

"Sed Libera Nos A Malo";
or "Deliver Us From Mr Dunbar";

You don't have to look up his name as he wants to be called "Phil" from now on...I guess you didn't notice besides being a master electrician and capable of messing with NESN's broadcasts, George is also a 20th degree Black Belt and has registered his hands as "deadly weapons"...You also have to give Karstens (you called him Ratzo or something) credit, he knew how shitty the Yankee rotation was and tried to stay in the game with a freaking broken leg!

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