Friday, April 06, 2007

How Does Johnny Spell 'Karma'? (Probably With A 'C.' And Two 'R's.)

I think this article should've been called "Dear Yankee fans, Aging outfielder who was face of Red Sox team that beat you in biggest comeback of all-time who you got in hopes he'd continue Ruth/Clemens/Boggs tradition even though that made NO sense because Johnny did the opposite and won with Sox and went to Yanks to become a loser now can't even walk, and, no, your beloved palyer he replaced is NOT coming back by any means. Sorry!"

Too wordy, or no?

Also, I love the new bumbling-style of the Yanks' infield. Min-cave-in is having lots of fun fielding those thows at first. I also was trying to figure out what was different about him--and realized it was his lack of off-kilter goatee. (Not allowed in Yankee-town. You know, because facial hair prevents them from failing six years in a row. Oh, wait...)

Your seriously making a big deal about a calf/hamstring injury? In the first few days of the season? I know your excited about your team being in first place after getting the Sox's record vs KC at home to 2-7, which is great against a AAAA team. Congrats...Maybe you should tell Papi that even if he does eat his usual 12 hot dogs before a game, going 1-4 with 3 k's (hooray sombrero!) is very un-mvp like, and he should cut down his consumption to maybe like 10, he looked a little bloated.
Also, how many players from last years Cardinals team had facial hair? I really couldn't think of a whole lot of them.
Same old, same old from our Yankee fan friends, year after year. Who wants to teach this one about "your/you're"?

I think this is the most frustrating thing about blogging. Topics you've discussed ad nauseum, like the Yankees' facial and head-hair policies, that keep getting commented on by new people as if it's a new topic I just brought up. And I can't fault them for not going back and reading 3 years of my blog before commenting. But some things, it's like, Oh, god, do I have to explain myself again??

It's not like some Yankee got a minor injury in April and I proclaimed a world championship by the Red Sox. This is an ongoing Damon thread that started the day he sold his baseball soul, and if you've been reading me, you know what I'm saying. I try to make it so people can understand without having to go back and read the whole thing, but I guess that can't fully work.

So, T, and that other new Yankee fan person, whose name I forgot, thanks for comming, and being pretty polite and actually being tame compared to the more "your mom should have aborted you"-sayin' crowd of Yankee fans (Yes, that really has happened). But, just know I'm not saying stuff off the cuff or whatever. I've been talking about this rivalry on here for three years, and you'll get a feel for where I'm coming from after you read for a while, maybe. If you take a few minutes to read some back posts, that'll help. But, again, I don't expect anyone to do that.
I understand your frustration and contempt with Damon, to be honest I would be pissed if Jeter or Posada or someone who was a "face" of my team left to a rival team, even if it was the Devil Rays. Hell I'd even rather see Melky getting the at-bats than Damon since I feel Melky has more upside but I'm not Torre and I don't have those decisions to make. Even though obviously I don't agree with your Yankee hating, but reading your blog makes me laugh even when it's Yankee related. If I get some time I will go back and re-read some of your posts, but I get the whole Damon thing, if Luis Gonzalez ever came to the Yanks I probably would try to assassinate him so I know how you feel.
& now, The Old Age Home, called The EEYankees(Evil Empire)is beginning to crumble, under the weight of EXPENSIVE, Injury-Ridden Players, especially someone with a 5th Grade Girl's Arm in Centrefield, who sold his soul to Mr Dunbar:

& the Overrated Cheater of Sleight Of Hand & Foot, #2, is suffering from either the Yips, or is becoming as if Knoblauch, only @ Shortstop;

Bernie only has a 4th Grade Girl's Arm & NOTHING left in the tank;

Ladies & Gentleman, this is your 2007 Yankees Old Timers' Day Lineup.
If you are going to get on me for the your/you're at least tell Leggett to spell Centerfield the proper way. As far as the Jeter bash, I think your just hating his skill and clutch bat. You can mock his opposite field hits that land between the second baseman and the outfielders, but the fact of the matter is that they are hits, and last time I checked hits are good in baseball. Ask your team how good it is to have some hits, as the Sox team got shut down by a guy named Tejada not on the Orioles, unless somehow he transported himself over there and learned how to shut down your lineup...As far as payroll, the second highest team in payroll calling the highest team in payroll expensive is stupid.
And it takes a lot of skill to point out a mother of a radio and tv show in the crowd, and preceed to smack her in the face with a baseball, gotta give Chucky that...
"As far as payroll, the second highest team in payroll calling the highest team in payroll expensive is stupid."

That's your opinion.

It's Tejeda, not Tejada.

I like how you misused "your" in your defense of "your/you're." What is it about that one that people just can't figure out?

There's nothing improper about "centre" spelled that way. It's not the American way, but it's not improper.

Yes, Chuck could throw wild with the best of them.

Yes, Jeter gets a lot of hits. Those cheapies are far from my only problems with him.
T, and Jere, I felt I had to chime in. T, centre is a correct way to spell the word. It's just not the way we do it here. "Leggett" is a Monk named Michael who lives on the Southenmost shore of the UK. Oh, that's England. On a small island known for its plantlife rather than its human habitation. I was just making sure you knew. He uses a rare form of writing called errorless. And he's a Mets fan, and a Sox fan. ANYTHING but a Yankee fan. I'm not going to speak of him anymore because he likes his privacy, but I have read the earlier comments, and I admit, I was smiling. Your (pinstriped) rotation looks like it will soon need Grecian formula, and not only for the hair on the head. So as you stumble, I'll enjoy the baseball. I hope you do too. Pardon the interuption. And you're welcome over at my blog anytime....access it through my profile by clicking on my name, or Jere has me link listed on the right.
Jere, sorry for the length, but I had to say what I had to say. And Michael, your monkship, happy holiday.......and that goes for everyone. You too T.
My spelling was ANYTHING but devine on this holiday weekend. So sorry.....

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