Monday, April 23, 2007

Good Night, Yanks

One for the Manny:

Drew for the show:

Bullpen get ready:

Now go Cap', go:

Moon over Fenway as Red Sox sweep Yanks:

More pics from the last two games soon. And plenty of unashamed gloating as well. Papelbon is unreal.

A Sunday night filled with thrills, jump up and down with glee chills....and the entire Nation, RSN, was watching! Thanks Jere, for your email! We go for 6 straight tonight. TIMMY!!!!!
LOL! awesome captions!

::sigh:: man, that felt fantastic, huh?!
Hi Jere - Are you going tonight? Cyn and I will be there, somewhere just behind the visitors dugout :)
Thanks Dawn and Peter.

Triumph the Insult Blogger, Yes, I'll be there tonight. Will look for y'all. Sorry about the blurriness of these shots--you can imagine trying to take a photo and jump up and down at the same time...
Good photos, great captions, so happy you were there!!
Thanks. Hey, I was just about to comment on your blog! (Everyone, go to and check out the "cartoons" over there.)
Sending personal emails to Peter? If only he hadn't told us all about it, I wouldn't be sitting here feeling totally jealous. I thought we were friends, Jere!

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