Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Freeze Up Comin'

Dunbar rained out today, people who had tickets to Pettitte's return now sad, with rain hiding their tears. Now I'll walk over in that same rain to Lenny's for the self-proclaimed best sandwich in New York.

Freeze warning for the mighty K.C. tonight, but game-time temp should be around 40.

So we'll still trail in the AILC after tonight, but we can pull even in the NAIWC if Beckett pitches like he didn't last year.

[Key: AILC = All-Important Loss Column. NAIWC = Not-As-Important Win Column.]

OpIvy 4-EVA
Best-selling cassette of all-time.*

Based on the fact that almost all humans seem to have it in their collection. And always on tape. Did they ever make a cd out of that?
There was definitely an OpIvy cd- I think it was like a collection/retrospective kinda deal; I know because it was in my cd player when it was stolen out of my car a few years ago.

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