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You know how when you hear that song "What a Wonderful World," you're usually watching a montage and saying "Oh God, this is the stupidest thing I've ever seen"? Oh, it's just me? Well, anyway, I finally found an instance of someone using that song that works for me. It's in this awesome post by the Sitting Still lady. (I knew she had a photo site, but Joy of Sox pointed out she does a blog now.)

Must be the fact that the Red Sox are involved, with a twist of "I didn't actually have to hear the tune." Okay, not a bad song at all, but, again, I equate it with cheesy montages. So... Bonus Alert! As I was about to post this, Sitting Still answered me about helping me with my photo correspondent project! Sweet! (Note: Our first correspondent pics should be up Thursday from Dice's start in KC.)

In Fancy Nancy news, Fancy Nancy has a blog now. I wrote about her once before here--to the delight of zero commenters! She does a public access TV show here in Manhattan, which cracks me pretty consistently up. She's finally getting some press, and has done some standup shows. I hope she does another one before I leave NYC so I can witness the FN show in all its live, fancy glory. Through some sitting still and moving only my fingers, aka research, I've figured out that her boyfriend, who appears on her show, does this wacky web talk show, which is also funny. Check it out.

They play that song at City of Palms after the games, and the last day we were there this year, as silly as it sounds, I was nearly in tears. ;) So I knew I was going to have to do something with it!
Wow, I never knew that. Things you find out from real people as opposed to the newspaper. Nice.
My wife used that song for a slideshow montage that introduced us at our wedding reception. Yes, it's cliched, but it did include a shot of young AJM in a Sox jersey, and adult AJM posing with a friend at Opening Day 2005 with the 2004 World Champs banner in the background.

Plus, I usually call up that same friend (who lives in Boston) every year after the Dunbars get eliminated in the playoffs, and we break into a couple of bars of "Wonderful World" then too. It has its place. Thank you, Louie Armstrong.
I actually did like fancy nancy, and considered getting her to send me an x-mas card (as she offered to do somewhere) until I got busy with far far more important things and forgot about it. So for the record, at least one person was delighted.
jfAJM: Myyyyy mistake. (Where were you siting O.D.0.5.? Did I ask you that?

Ryan: Nice! I did request the card. She really did send it, and it was awesome.
jfJere: We usually sit in the grandstand for the Opener, but because of the insane demand that year, we were only able to get seats wa-a-a-y up at the top of the bleachers right underneath the scoreboard. The kicker is that we only paid $10 for the tickets to the Best Sox Opener Ever because a kid on SoSH gave me a phone # to bypass the normal telephone sales queue.

For OD this year we managed to make it through the Virtual Waiting Room and snagged some RF box seats.
jfAJM: Nice. I've never had much specific interest in going to Opening Day, except for that one year--when I absolutely needed to be there. Me getting a ticket that day was a little more complicated: I traded a bunch of other tix, including some Shea tix, and some Giants-Philly tix, which I'd gotten in case Bonds broke a record, for one seat in the RF roof boxes. (The flyover went right over my head, essentially. I'll look for you on my video. Actually, I don't know what you look like.

I'm going to the next bunch of games after OD this season. Are you just seeing the one game that homestand or more?
jfJere: I think I've been to every Fenway opener w/a couple friends since '98 (the year Mo hit the walk-off Salami on Good Friday). At this point it's become something of a tradition. My first Fenway opener was '91 when I took my dad. My first Sox opener though was '89 in Baltimore at old Memorial Stadium...Joan Jett sang the National Anthem, and Bush I threw out the first pitch. Probably the wackiest opener I've been to was Cleveland in '88...we rode up from Pittsburgh in the flatbed of a pickup truck, and then watched the O's and Tribe play lousy baseball in a snowstorm in that old barn of a stadium they had back then. The things we do in our youth... And I know I mentioned the Dunbar opener I went to in '78 when everybody threw their Reggie Bars onto the field.

Anyhoo, we actually talked about ditching the opener this year and going to the Dice-K debut the next day instead, but for a few logistical reasons (my friend's wife wants to come, but they can't get a babysitter on a weeknight) the opener ended up making more sense. Unfortunately, my wife and I can't stay for more than one game; I knew you were going to Dice-K night, and was gonna suggest we try and meet before or afterwards. Ah well, some other time...
jfAJM: That's a lot of crazy OD action. You have OD'd on ODs. Besides '05 (saw both ODs that year, home and away), I think the only OD I've been to is the Sox-Yanks at NY in '92 when Mo hit the foul pole. Went to home game number two at Fenway in '84, but it was snowed out.

I'm going to almost the whole first homestand, except OD and Pats, basically. But any games you get to this year, I'll either be at, or be nearby. Lemme know.

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