Friday, April 27, 2007

The End Of A Bloody Day

We've got the best record and the biggest division lead in baseball.

Did you know that "No Dice" Kei Igawa has been taken out of the Yanks' rotation for this weekend? He was supposed to start Saturday against us. But now it's Rastens. Or Karsner. One of those "not quite Small/Chacon" guys. So it's "no dice! for "No Dice." I like how our lesser-known Japanese picther is kicking the ass of their big one. They tried to copy us once again, and it's failing as usual. Oh, that silly George. Hope y'all are enjoying Mientkiewicz! (And rag-arm Damon, and Myers... maybe all those guys will win a championship one day...oh wait.)

Yanks have lost six straight. Even the A-Rod who everyone thinks is "cured" but hasn't proven anything can't overcome horrid pitching. Big Stein should've known this. Injury excuses don't fly when you willingly put Pavano in your rotation, along with other really old dudes. You have to have a back-up plan. Come on, Cashman, get your head out of your ass. We want a race! (Just kidding. I want them to lose every game.)

Just as I get to the point where I start rooting for the catcher to drop strike three whenever Wily Mo comes up, thinking that's his only possible ticket to first base, he scorches a double, and then a key, late-inning grandmother slamfather. What a sweet win for the home crowd (Baltimore version).

Hey, after this Thorne thing, maybe people will start to call out Michael Kay on the constant stream of misinformation he spouts during games. I hadn't seen a Yankee game on TV in a while, what with me being in Boston much of this season. The last few nights, though, I've been reminded of why I despise Kay and why he truly deserves the nickname "Backwards K."

My final word on the Thorne thing: Yes, the story was done to death today. A lot of people wondered what the big deal was and why we were debating whether Curt really bled. Eckersley was even talking about how we shouldn't "take away" from what Curt did. Well, that's the point of talking about this. He did such a great thing, and somebody comes along saying, as if it were fact, that it was all fake. Should we have ignored this? I absolutely couldn't have.

I think I may be coming at this from a different angle than many people. I've heard the "ketchup" theories all along. I even heard Joe Torre say, shortly after the '04 season, that he wasn't sure how injured Curt really was. (I actually asked Curt about this on his blog, maybe a week ago--my name over there is Gedmaniac if you want to look it up--but he never answered.) But what I never heard was someone in the media blatantly announce that the incident was a hoax, as if it were fact, and as if we've all known this all along. So for me, this whole thing was all about addressing that, not a debate as to whether or not Curt was faking. There's no debate there.


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