Tuesday, April 24, 2007


"...and the Yankee bullpen has failed again!" --Michael "Backwards" Kay, tonight, after Myers gives up a key grand slam to Carl Crawford, ruining Wang's first start.

The standings:

First place: Us
Second through fourth: Bunch of other teams
Definitely last place: Yankees

You know what I thought of tonight? The irony in people who comment here telling me to pay attention to my own team and not care about the Yanks. Who's the one reading random blogs by fans of the other team?

So how come Steinbrenner doesn't allow long hair, but iron cross tattoos are a-okay?

Shitty game for us tonight--a mini-sweep by Toronto. Now it's the macho twins the next two games in the Charm City, before we head to the Smelly Stadium in the South Bronx.

Pics from my last three Fenway games to come soon.

"The Toilet II":

in '09 it's "The Toilet III";

Either way a toilet is still a toilet.

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