Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Company Loves Missouri

I feel like Beckett secretly hates Dice-K. I never hear him say anything about the whole thig. I wonder if he's feeling the pressure, knowing Dice is one spot below him in the rotation, and could easily start climbing that ladder. Regardless, that should be enough motivation for Josh do excel this year. He's done well for the most part tonight.

When we get back to Fenway, Drew needs to just blend in, I think. Don't make any egregious mistakes. Don't go 0 for 4. A bonus for him, though, would be to have a great Opening Day. This is a good idea for any new player, but would be really good for a guy everyone has a suspicious eye on. If we're winning after a few homestands, and he's playing fairly well, he should be okay. If he starts with the bed-shitting or sits out with a minor injury or does something that people construe as, you know, anti-hustle, he's gonna be in trouble. From what I've seen of him, I have a good feeling, though.

Speaking of minor injuries, Damon may be out for a while. We shall see.

Odalis Perez threw the most ridiculous knuckleball tonight. No spin, no movement. The Royals announcers (whom I'm stuck with, in my last month of before finally moving to NESN territory) couldn't believe what they were seeing. Did NESN catch this?

Quiz update: The quiz season was supposed to end when the baseball season started. Didn't work out. We'll just let it run over, until we reach the 24 mark. Good luck to everyone in the home stretch.

4-1 us in the sixth.

Update: We win, 7-1. Nice job all around. A run on three hits given up by our arms, and seven runs by our arms that hold bats means we avoid a Pap usage. (But did I just see Mike Lowell make three errors?) And Extra Innings will be on cable after all. I should be able to catch the free preview up for a week, then I go to a bunch of April games, then I'm livin' in Boston and I won't have to worry about this nonsense any more.

Very happy today.
Am wearing my new Dice-K shirt.
NESN has definitely become a mixed bag for me what with Remy picking the Yankees to win the division. Also, last night during the pre-show that particularly slovenly Globe reporter said, "Poor Johnny Damon. But at least the Yankees have their Melky Cabrera all set to step in." Then there's this fundraiser coming up and the guest ballplayer will be Paul O'Neill.
What kind of crap is this?
Great, just when I'm about to move to NESN territory for the first time in my 31 years, they go Dunbar on us!
I'm with you. It's Thursday morning, just before 11am. Josh did a good job, and the bullpen (!!!!) was flawless! Wow, may I repeat that throughout the summer? 6 months, through October, and maybe...maybe? So right now, a tad after 2pm, on a cold KC day, we'll see someone new stride to the moung. For the team that we love. I can't wait! I was going to say take care Jere, but I stopped myself. Mary-Ann and Jere...enjoy the game. Peter
Who invented irony anyway?

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