Thursday, April 19, 2007

(But Still No Championships This Century)

I got to watch the sweet Sox game at my parents' in New Haven today. (I've been going back and forth bewteen NYC and Boston, with the moving and what have you.) As we got the win, after the game was looking grim until the eighth, we switched over to the Yanks' game and, like our game, it turned on its ear, turning a shitty Indian performance into what looked like a sure win. In fact, I almost wrote a blog entry about how things worked out the opposite way from two days ago, with everything going, this time, from bad to good. I even planned on saying, "I'm off to NYC now, so if the Indians blow this, you can blame me for jinxing it," or something like that. Maybe I should've done it after all--an anti-jinx may have been just what I needed.

I listened in the car as the Tribe were an out away from salvaging one game of their series, with a four-run lead, and no one on. Then they give up a homer. Then a hit. Then a walk. The sixth grade me would've been using semi-colons here. I'm goin', "where's the bullpen?" Then another hit. All with two outs. Still, no sign of a reliever. Eric Wedge was aslee--uh, going with his guy. Finally, a wild pitch put the tying run at third, wining run at second. At that point, anyone would be getting a hit off this guy. They chose to pitch to Aprod and he won the game. Wedge should be immediately fired. That pitcher--well, let's just say I have a new favorite reason for going to the first Indians game at Fenway this season. Unless the guy's washing cars for a living by then.

I watched the Indians pull a classic choke job for two games, and then cap it off with one of the all-time great ones today. Fitting, in a way. Talk about ruining what had been a fine day.

And it doesn't matter who got the winning hit--that was just Aprod being Aprod, soon to be MayRod. I'll worry about him when he becomes SepRod or OctRod. But as you can see, there's just no ring to either of those.

So both teams go into the weekend series on a high, which, in baseball, doesn't make much difference, but we're set up for a fun series. The Yanks are gonna run into a non-Minor League team one day, and that day is tomorrow.

Some notes on the Sox: Fine job by HeadCase McGee today, keeping us in the game. I now find myself doing the "Tavarez points" in my car at intersections. "Cars from right, green, go! Go! Cars from left, go also! Okay, now people facing me, green arrow! Pedestrians, go!"

Is it just me or does Manny have Tinker Toys at the knob of his bat? Whatever is on there, it's huge! Is that legal? In all my years, much like Costanza's view of toilet paper, I haven't seen bat knobs change much. It figures Manny would be the one to offer some variation...

My pictures from Toronto, which are really Allan's pictures, as I'm clearly nowhere near Toronto right now, got linked in ProJo. Sweet!

One note on the ridiculousness at Virginia Tech: People keep talking about how "grieving is now done online," as if this is a good thing. If your friends dying doesn't inspire you to actually get together with loved ones instead of sitting by yourself talking to them on the internet, I don't know what will. I thought maybe one good thing to come from this would be people realizing, Oh my god, I've been spending too much time at a computer. Instead, they say, "Oh, this is how we grieve now." Really? More power to you, but your computer isn't going to hug you. And then some friends of victims are saying how reporters are "snooping" on their facebooks and myspaces to get info. No, you chose to live in a world where you put all your personal info out in the open. That's one of the reasons I don't like those sites. I don't want personal messages from my friends to be public, sitting there for all to see. I definitely don't want my personal info, or MyMy MyPersonal MyInfo, or whatever the MyGestapo calls it, to be public. That's why it's called "personal." Yeah, I say I live in New York City on my blog. But I sure as hell won't give out my address or phone number. Anyway, I'm not mad at these kids, I want them to be able to grieve over their loss. But doing it electronically isn't gonna do shit for them. Your friends can never smell the grass or sit in the sun ever again. Honor them by doing that, at least a little bit, instead of staying cooped up all day and night. Their families want a visit from you, not an e-mail.

Great mention in Art's blog. Hope it gets you some traffic.

No pictures today. We left just enough time to get to Skydome. We actually sat down in our seats as Halladay threw his last warmup pitch. (I'll get some for the May series, though.)

Nice game, great to shut up Jays fans who were ragging on Manny all day. Including the loudmouths next to us who acted like they knew baseball, but Laura heard one of them ask the other one, after looking at a player's stats posted on the scoreboard, "Do they carry over last year's numbers to this year?" (Yeah, they do. Papi's got 59 home runs and it's only April 19!)

One of them bought a Jays cap round about the 6th inning. "Gotta support the boys!" was his entirely serious reason. (No idea if he saved the receipt and tried to return it after the game.)
That cracked me up...

I hope you got some secondary traffic--they were your pics! Looking forward to the May ones.... thanks again for shooting.
Let's capitalize on the Yankee injuries and take all three this weekend. Let's role!
Rule, I hope, BOSOX. And Jere, what's a Borowski? A pitcher, and a write-in cadidate for choker of the season? I'm still wondering.....have a wonderful weekend as we go for a sweep, one game at a time. Paps might be on the shelf tonight, but then again, we might not need him after scoring 6 in the 3rd off of Andy P. Hope eternal. Take care (just for you). Have a great weekend.
the best quote I've seen so far was from Piniero taken from an AP story:

“I can’t wait to get out there. I can’t wait to go out there and beat up on the Yankees. ... The fans in Boston, they want us to rip their heads off.”

HAHAHA...a guy who gets DFA'd from a sub-500 team with a era over 7 is gonna beat a team up? Should be a fun series and the Yanks will snatch 1 maybe 2 wins, I can't wait till the Yanks can match up the front of the starting rotation to face the 3 the Sox are bringing out, those would be good games.
A terrible 8th inning by the Yanks gives the Sox the first game of the season series and without papelbon even. I think it's stated in Mo's contract that he has to give up as many saves as possible to start a season, then settle down and be himself the rest of the year.

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