Thursday, April 05, 2007

(Almost) Live From KC--For Real This Time

Dice-K's first pitch as a Red Sox! In Kansas City, today, Apil 5th, 2007. (please click these for big-ification.)

I am so happy Iget to have this pic on my blog. Many thanks go out to Wayne Klick (that's like an ice cream man named... forget it.) for getting these photos for me. Please check out his blog for more of his work. And if you absolutely must lift any of these pics from here, please give the credit to Wayne. A few more from today:

Note: I could've had that first photo from earlier up if I'd only thought to log in to Flickr at the time. That was my problem.

If you want to get some Sox photos in your city, please read this.

Update, 10:54 PM: We move into first, as the Rays beat the Yanks! What a crazy game--snow did fall, and the Rays held on, despite their Rayish ways. ARod with a key popout with the bases loaded, down one, two outs in the eighth. Boos followed.

I also forgot to mention this: JS aka Baseball Heavy pointed out that Jim Rice acted a little insane at a PawSox luncheon. I only founf two newspaper articles about this, but JS' account is better, and contains more pictures of people who have nothing to do with the topic. Ostensibly, that is.

Hi Jere. Go Sox :)

Hey, where did Witch City Sox Girl go? I took her off my blogroll because her site seems to have slipped into the ether.
Hey! Shoot me an e-mail for the secret details...
I'm still around! I've just started a new blog. I haven't lived in Witch City in a long time.

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