Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Click this to enlarge. I wrote this five months after the '86 Series, while I was in sixth grade.

I think it should say "my family has been;" and I'm pretty sure World Series should be capitalized; and your overuse of semi-colons in the "then the Mets got a hit" sentence concerns me. And I'm pretty sure numbers one through nine should be spelled out, not printed with the numeral. Besides that, really top-notch. Beyond that, I applaud your willingness to subject yourself to the revenge-factor/karma-driven grammatical critiques that this post is sure to inspire in jerks like me. And now, I am LOL.
I can't excuse the World Series-in-lower-case blunder. Great call on the numerals, too. TJ by me. I think the semi-colons were gutsy, though. If you read that sentence, it really describes the downward spiral that was that inning. Do you like how I went non-cursive for the title?

Also, the key to the cryptic writing at top right: 6=6th grade; R=Red House; 1=Period 1. I mean, one.
After reading it again, I agree with the use of the semi-colons. It's very dramatic; and it amplifies the emotion you felt at that time; and that you still do; probably.
All while Keith had been snorting the 1st Base Line:

The Team of The Medallin Cartel triumphed.
You kill me, man.

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